I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. safe B. call C. cake D. face

Number 2.

A. invited B. started C. ended D. used

Number 3.

A. design B. wide C. kiss D. tired

Number 4.

A. unite B. upset C. university D. uniform

Number 5.

A. this B. bath C. theater D. thank

II. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences.

1. Do you mind _____ we leave early?

A. if B. when C. that D. Ø

2. Mary is good at _____ pictures.

A. painting B. painted C. paint D. to paint

3. _____ have you known him? – Since 2015.

A. How much B. How long C. How often D. How many

4. The doctor told me _____ up late.

A. to not stay B. to stay not C. to stay not D. not to stay

5. Can you tell me where _____?

A. you do B. do you C. you are D. are you

6. Our children go to the same school _____ theirs.

A. with B. to C. as D. than

7. We are very fond _____ the game 20 questions.

A. in B. at C. with D. of

8. I saw Trang _____ flowers behind her house.

A. watered B. watering C. be watered D. is watering

9. _____ is an area of land between hills or mountains.

A. Valley B. Beach C. Bay D. Island

10. She has worked as a teacher _____ she graduated from college?

A. while B. until C. before D. since

III. Rewrite the following sentences, using the given words.

1. “I can play the drums,” Hieu said.

– Hieu said (that) __________________.

2. Can I use your phone?

– Would you mind _________________.

3. “Big Ben Tower is in Lon Don,” I told Ngan.

– I told Ngan (that) ________________.

4. Trung said: “This song is very addictive “.

– Trung said (that) _________________.

5. A stranger asked me: “Do you know the Great Wall?”

– A stranger asked me if ___________.

6. Presents are loved by the kids. (Active voice)

– The kids ________________________.

7. Math is taught (by him) in this school. (Active voice)

– He ______________________________.

8. Viet Nam is a country that exports rice. (Compound word)

– Viet Nam is ______________________.

9. They made the fire in the traditional way. (Passive voice)

– The fire __________________________.

10. They will build a new park in my neighborhood. (Passive voice)

– A new park _______________________.

IV. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank by marking A, B, C or D.

Tet is a national and (1) _____ festival in Vietnam. It is an occasion for every Vietnamese to be returned to think (2) _____ their past activities and hope for good luck when the year to come.

Before Tet all houses are whitewashed and (3) _____ with yellow apricot flowers and colorful lanterns. Everybody is looking (4) _____ to a more favorable life.

(5) _____ New Year’s Eve, children are smartly dressed. They are hoping to (6) _____ money put in small red envelopes as they are wishing longevity to their grandparents and parents. Wrongdoings should be absolutely avoided on these days.

Number 1.

A. traditional B. modern C. music D. summer

Number 2.

A. after B. to C. about D. for

Number 3.

A. decorate B. decorated C. decorating D. decorates

Number 4.

A. forward B. for C. after D. at

Number 5.

A. In B. At C. On D. When

Number 6.

A. make B. but C. sell D. receive

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