I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. university B. cucumber C. turtle D. useful

Number 2.

A. sure B. scream C. send D. swim

Number 3.

A. crab B. bad C. catch D. vacation

II. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. patient B. disease C. cyclist D. paddle

Number 2.

A. durian B. watermelon C. cucumber D. papaya

Number 3.

A. oil B. iron C. edge D. exit

III. Choose the best answer.

1. What did you _____ in last morning? – I stayed in bed.

A. went B. go C. did D. do

2. My parents hope I am taking care of _____.

A. myself B. yourself C. himself D. herself

3. How _____ is she? – She is 55 kilos.

A. heavy B. high C. weight  D. height

4. Nam likes country music and I do, _____.

A. so B. either C. too D. neither

5. You mustn’t drink _____ soda every day.

A. many B. any C. a lot D. a lot of

6. We _____ take a map because we might get lost.

A. should B. could C. may D. might

7. Add _____ salt and pepper to this meal.

A. fewer B. a little C. a few D. a lot

8. After tet holiday A lot of people returned to their hometown _____ bus.

A. a lot B. on C. in D. at

9. I’m sorry. I can’t go to the club today. _____ about tomorrow?

A. When B. How C. Where D. Why

10. He draws _____.

A. beautiful B. beauty C. beautifully D. beautify

IV. Fill in the blanks with the given words.

About – Recently – Freely – Invention

Became – Thanks – Surface – Breathing

Most of the world’s (1) _____ is water. We may know the land very well, but we know very little (2) _____ the ocean. Until (3) _____, man could not stay underwater for long. But now, with special (4) _____ equipment, a diver can stay longer. After the (5) _____ of this equipment, man could swim (6) _____ underwater and scuba-diving (7) _____ a popular sport. We can learn more about the undersea world (8) _____ to this invention.

V. Make questions for the underlined words.

1. She buys 15 pens for students.


2. I am one meter 60 centimeters tall.


3. He has a backache.


4. Yesterday they went to Xuan Huong lake.


5. My father was in Quang Ninh for 2 weeks.


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