I. Choose the word which underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. November B. notice C. lotion D. model

Number 2.

A. main B. complain C. curtain D. entertain

Number 3.

A. record B. decide C. cushion D. correct

Number 4.

A. folk B. drop C. hot D. confidence

Number 5.

A. honesty B. horse C. honor D. hour

II. Choose the best answer.

1. We advised Hoan _____ TV all time.

A. don’t watch B. not watching C. not to watch D. not watch

2. If Ben _____ I’ll invite him to the concert.

A. call B. calls C. will call D. might call

3. I’m sure they were _____ lies.

A. making B. telling C. doing D. saying

4. This is the last bus, _____?

A. is this B. isn’t this C. is it D. isn’t it

5. His face looks _____, but I can’t remember who he is.

A. similar  B. alike C. memorial D. familiar

6. _____ she was tired, she still showed up for school today.

A. Although B. Because C. Despite D. Since

7. I think you shouldn’t spend too much time _____ the Internet.

A. use B. to use C. using D. uses

8. You should turn _____ the fans when it’s cold so as not to waste electricity.

A. off B. of C. on D. down

9. Peter will only pass his exams if there is a/an _____ in his class work.

A. progressive B. increase C. rise D. improvement

10. _____ a kind of everlasting energy, solar energy may be the solution to our crisis.

A. Because B. Since C. As D. With

III. Find one mistake in each sentence by choosing A, B, C or D.

1. Lam told me to call her at 6 am tomorrow.

A. told B. to call C. at D. tomorrow

2. I has felt much better sincetook a rest.

A. has felt B. since C. took D. a rest

3. If he explains more slowly, I could understand him.

A. If B. explains C. more slowly D. understand

4. He died on lung cancer because he smoked a lot of cigarettes.

A. died on B. because C. smoked D. cigarettes

5. Our English teacher would like me spending more time on spelling.

A. English B. me C. spending D. more time

IV. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer.


   Two popular traditions at Christmas are: decorating the home and singing the Christmas carols. The home is the center of the Christmas celebration. Inside, an evergreen tree is usually placed in the corner of the living room. Children and their parents wrap strings of colorful lights around the tree; they hang ornaments on the branches. A star or angle often crowns the top. Careful-wrapped gifts are placed beneath. Outside, families often string lights around the windows and wind light around trees and shrubs in the front yard.

As the families decorate their homes, they often put on Christmas records. Almost every family has at least one favorite album or compact disc. School children of all ages perform Christmas concerts for their parents and communities. On Christmas’ Eve, family members gather around the Christmas tree to sing traditional songs Such as Jingle bells and Silent night and then give presents to each other.

1. What are the popular traditions at Christmas?

A. Decorating home. B. Singing Christmas carols.
C. Eating Christmas pudding. D. A and B are correct.

2. Where is the evergreen put?

A. In the middle of the living room. B. In the corner of the living room.
C. In the middle of the bedroom. D. In the corner of the bedroom.

3. How do they decorate the Christmas tree?

A. They wrap strings of colorful lights around the tree. B. They hang ornaments on branches.
C. They crown a star on the top. D. All A, B and C are correct.

4. What do the family members often do on Christmas’ Eve?

A. They gather around the Christmas tree. B. They sing traditional songs.
C. They gather around the tree, sing traditional songs and get presents. D. They give presents to each other.

5. What do they do as they decorate their home?

A. They sing traditional songs. B. They put on Christmas records.
C. They eat Christmas pudding. D. All A, B and C are correct.

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