I. Choose the word whose ITALIC part is pronounced differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. chase B. bar C. after D. hard

Number 2.

A. close B. nose C. once D. old

Number 3.

A. reach B. dead C. meat D. teach

Number 4.

A. invented B. hated C. loved D. created

Number 5.

A. enough B. young C. cousin D. mountain

II. Fill in the blank with the correct form of verbs.

1. Would you like (relax) _____ a little bit?

2. The builders stopped (smoke) _____.

3. We have enough money (buy) _____ a new book.

4. Na doesn’t like (play) _____ with her cousins.

5. The government asked citizens (stay) _____ at home.

III. Choose the correct option to complete the following sentences.

1. She doesn’t enjoy _____ chess.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. to playing

2. Alexander Graham Bell was born _____ March 3, 1847.

A. in B. on C. at D. during

3. I _____ beer since last week.

A. don’t drink B. haven’t drunk C. won’t drink D. didn’t drink

4. The boy is a _____ student. He always gets good grades.

A. kind B. generous C. hard-working D. reserved

5. Our father used _____ us to the zoo when he was alive.

A. to take B. take C. took D. taking

6. You can go for a _____ tour around the zoo.

A. sightseeing B. boating C. sailing D. camping

7. My brother feels _____ again after his operation.

A. strongly B. strength C. strongest D. strong

8. The film wasn’t as good as we had expected. It was _____.

A. disappoint B. disappointed C. disappointing D. disappointedly

9. Last night I watched the movie Romeo and Juliet. At last they killed _____.

A. herself B. himself C. ourselves D. themselves

10. The phones are not _____ they were several years ago.

A. as cheap as B. very cheaper as
C. the same cheap as D. much cheaper than

IV. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. In my opinion, I always prefer country life than city life.

A. In B. always C. prefer D. than

2. We should put this picture among the vase and the plant.

A. put B. this picture C. among D. the plant

3. These bedroom is big enough for our family to stay.

A. these B. is C. for D. to stay

4. The driver of the car was serious injured in the accident.

A. of B. serious C. injured D. the accident

5. You seemed sadly when you knew your result.

A. seemed B. sadly C. knew D. result

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