I. Which word has the different stress pattern from the rest?

Number 1.

A. separate B. expensive C. commences D. position

Number 2.

A. stagnant B. substantial C. dominate D. subsidy

Number 3.

A. decrease B. discard C. explain D. cancer

II. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest?

Number 1.

A. measures B. reforms C. standards D. exports

Number 2.

A. admit B. variety C. conflict D. interest

Number 3.

A. evolved B. employed C. reduced D. agreed

III. Choose the best answer.

1. What time would we get there _____ a taxi?

A. we took B. if we took
C. unless we take D. provided that we take

2. _____ it is in the winter now, my children still go swimming.

A. While B. However C. Whereas D. Although

3. Thank you! It was very kind _____ you to help me.

A. with B. for C. of D. to

4. The play _____ we watched to last night was not very interesting.

A. which B. when C. where D. what

5. If hadn’t rained, we _____ to the beach.

A. went B. would go
C. would have gone D. will go

6. I feel like _____ an ice-cream right now.

A. to eat B. eating C. to eating D. eaten

7. The government made serious attempts to raise the _____ of living.

A. standard B. cost C. level D. mode

8. Do you know the reason _____ he left without saying anything?

A. which B. why C. when D. where

9. He read The Old Man and The Sea, a novel _____ by Ernest Hemingway.

A. written B. writing C. which wrote D. that written

10. It wasn’t an awful experience. It was the worst thing _____ has ever happened to me.

A. which B. why C. what D. that

IV. Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.

1. The teacher whom (A) book I have (B) said that (C) I could (D) keep it.


2. We (A) spent a week (B) to working (C) on our project (D).


3. Anybody (A) which (B) works is regarded (C) as a useful member of our society (D).


4. Students who (A) practice English every day (B) will have more confidence to pass (C) the English exams than other (D).


5. Would (A) you mind lending (B) me a few money (C) to buy (D) a new headphone?


V. Read the text and choose the correct answer to fill in each blank.

   Many people love boats. Going out on the water (1) _____ a warm summer day is a lot of fun. (2) _____, different people like different kinds of boats. Two of the most popular kinds of boats are sailboats and speedboats. Sailboats use the (3) _____ to give them power. They only have small engines. In contrast, speedboats have large engines and go very fast. Furthermore, speedboats are usually not as (4) _____ as sailboats. Speedboats are small so that they can go fast. Sailboats, on the other hand, are big so that they are more comfortable. (5) _____, sailboats can travel into the ocean, but this would be very dangerous in a speedboat. You can only use speedboats on rivers or lakes.

Number 1.

A. at B. on C. in D. while

Number 2.

A. However B. Although C. Because D. Unless

Number 3.

A. water B. speed C. weather D. wind

Number 4.

A. small B. fast C. warm D. big

Number 5.

A. At first B. Fortunately C. In addition D. Except for

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