I. Choose the word which underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. around B. found C. though D. sound

Number 2.

A. opens B. climbs C. plays D. sits

Number 3.

A. century B. casual C. complete D. occasion

Number 4.

A. thick B. sixth C. those D. youth

Number 5.

A. fear B. pear C. dear D. hear

II. Choose the best answer.

1. Luckily, there’s _____ milk left.

A. some B. a few C. any D. few

2. People have different ways of preparing _____.

A. their exams B. to exams C. for exams D. in exams

3. My grandparents were accustomed _____ in the countryside.

A. by living B. to living C. with living D. living

4. Neither Mary nor her two brothers _____ generous.

A. is B. was C. have  D. are

5. Hoa was the last person _____ school yesterday.

A. leave B. leaves C. left D. to leave

6. If my husband had won the competition, I _____ happy now.

A. am B. was C. would be D. can be

7. I _____ very well with Tom now, we never have any arguments.

A. go on B. carry on C. get on D. put on

8. My dad climbed up the ladder _____ to fix the roof of the house.

A. so B. in order C. so that D. for

9. The perfume has been _____ in all the women’s magazines.

A. advertised B. recognized C. impressed D. read

10. When the fire alarm rang, our teacher said we _____ immediately.

A. had to leave B. could leave C. might leave D. would leave

III. Find one mistake in each sentence by choosing A, B, C or D.

1. He wish that he could visit his penpal in America.

A. wish B. could C. penpal D. in America

2. I asked them if they teach other languages besides English.

A. if B. teach C. other D. besides

3. The harder he studied, the best he did before the exam.

A. studied B. best C. did D. exam

4. Your mother never goes to work by motorbike, doesn’t she?

A. goes B. to work C. by D. doesn’t she

5. After living in London for two months, my brother got used to drive on the left.

A. After B. for C. drive D. on the left

IV. Choose the best answer with the same meaning of the sentences above.

1. We built this house in 2010.

A. This house was built in 2010. B. This house were built in 2010.
C. This house has been built in 2010. D. This house built in 2010.

2. Start right now or you will miss the flight.

A. If you start right now, you will miss the flight. B. Unless you start right now, you won’t miss the flight.
C. You won’t miss the flight if you don’t start right now. D. If you don’t start right now, you will miss the flight.

3. When was this car bought?

A. When do they buy this car? B. When did they bought this car?
C. When did they buy this car? D. When were they bought this car?

4. My mother said to me: “Turn off the phone!”.

A. My mother asked me to turn off the phone. B. My mother doesn’t want me to turn off the phone.
C. My mother wants me turn off the phone. D. My mother asked herself to turn off the phone.

5. “What do you often do in your free time?” The interviewer asked him.

A. The interviewer asked him what you often did in your free time. B. The interviewer asked him what I often did in my free time.
C. The interviewer asked him what did he often do in his free time. D. The interviewer asked him what he often did in his free time.

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