I. Choose the word whose UNDERLINED part is pronounced differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. ear B. set C. get D. help

Number 2.

A. bow B. hold C. nose D. neighbor

Number 3.

A. airmail B. strain C. claim D. wait

Number 4.

A. accept B. princess C. once D. contact

Number 5.

A. how B. now C. snow D. cow

II. Fill in the blank with the correct form of verbs.

1. The weather (be) _____ very hot in the summer.

2. Yesterday, Ben (walk) _____ home alone.

3. Tu’s father (buy) _____ her a new bicycle next week.

4. Look! Our new teacher (come) _____.

5. Don’t let the children (play) _____ in the kitchen.

III. Complete the sentences with the right prepositions.

1. Are you good _____ studying English?

2. Does it often rain _____ summer?

3. What do you often do _____ night?

4. That’s very kind _____ you to help me.

5. I promise, I’ll be home _____ 8.00.

6. She is different _____ her parents.

7. Those books are _____ the back of the library.

8. Be careful when you walk _____ the street.

9. I don’t know what my brother is doing _____ the moment.

10. Students in Vietnam go to school _____ Monday _____ Saturday.

IV. Arrange these words to make sentences.

1. Has/ the/ chores/ to/ today/ Hoa/ do/ herself/ .


2. Father/ worked/ for/ has/ 20 years/ my/ here/ .


3. How/ bank/ to/ the/ me/ tell/ go/ to/ you/ could/ ?


4. She/ my class/ is/ enough/ old/ in/ not/ to be/ .


5. Homework/ the/ students/ should/ their/ carefully/ read/ .


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