I. Choose the odd one out.

Number 1.

A. Duck B. Brother C. Cow D. Buffalo

Number 2.

A. Nice B. Cheap C. Weak D. Behind

Number 3.

A. Piano  B. Guitar C. Violin D. Art

Number 4.

A. Envelope B. Song C. Stamp D. Letter

Number 5.

A. April B. June C. Spring D. October

II. Choose the best answer.

1. Students learn about poems in the _____ class.

A. history B. literature C. language  D. physics

2. Nga and Đao are _____ noodles at the canteen now.

A. having B. have C. to have D. has

3. How _____ does she have milk tea?

A. always B. usually C. often D. sometimes

4. Which is the first month of the year?

A. September  B. February C. November D. January

5. In the future, robots and machines _____ all the work for us.

A. are doing B. will do C. does D. do

6. He will be 15 next month. he will have a _____ party.

A. wedding B. new year C. birthday D. Christmas

7. Planes are _____ than cars.

A. fastest B. faster C. slowest D. slower

8. Let’s _____ to the cafeteria.

A. goes B. going C. to go D. go

9. My birthday is on the _____ of November.

A. twelve B. twelveth C. twelfth D. twelf

10. English books are on the shelves _____ the right of the library.

A. on B. in C. at D. to

III. Read the passage and choose the best answer.

A year, or a calendar year (1) _____ 1st January to 31st December, has 365 or 366 days, which are divided into twelve (2) _____. The (3) _____ month of the year is January and the last month is (4) _____. February has twenty-eight days. April, June, September and November have thirty days. All the rest have thirty-one (5) _____.

Number 1.

A. from B. between C. among D. to

Number 2.

A. years B. weeks C. months  D. days

Number 3.

A. one B. first C. last D. only

Number 4.

A. December B. November C. May D. June

Number 5.

A. years B. days C. weeks D. months

IV. Rearrange the words to make a complete sentence.

1. Week/ days/ a/ five/ we/ to/ go/ school/ .


2. Help/ this/ could/ me/ homework/ you/ with/ ?


3. Sometimes/ play/ marbles/ recess/ they/ at/ .


4. Friends/ calling/ Is/ her/ Vy/ to/ ?


5. How/ is/ from/ house/ the/ market/ it/ far/ your/ to/ ?


V. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. Trung practicing (A) the piano (B) in his (C) house at (D) the moment.


2. Does (A) your father go often (B) to work (C) by bus (D)?


3. It takes (A) 20 minutes (B) to go at (C) my house to the park (D).


4. I’ll (A) go and visiting (B) my grandpa and (C) grandma on the (D) farm.


5. A lot of people (A) think (B) that students (C) have a (D) easy life.


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