I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. museum B. orphanage C. suggestion D. expected

Number 2.

A. important B. different C. organize D. marathon

Number 3.

A. decorate B. attitude C. appearance D. anyone

Number 4.

A. unhappy B. restaurant C. general D. scientist

Number 5.

A. combat B. ethnic C. province D. campaign

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

Number 1.

A. athlete B. sympathy C. faithful D. either

Number 2.

A. spread B. spider C. sugar D. summer

Number 3.

A. chaos B. chalk C. chain D. chin

Number 4.

A. desk B. island C. toys D. sound

Number 5.

A. harmful B. human C. vehicle D. rehearsal

III. Choose the best answer.

1. I expected _____ to the picnic, but I wasn’t.

A. to invite B. to be invited C. inviting D. being invited

2. Whenever we met, Jack avoided _____ at me.

A. looking B. to look C. to be looked D. being looked

3. James _____ on the computer when the fire _____ out.

A. worked/ broke B. was working/ broke
C. worked/ broken D. was working/ broken

4. She was able to _____ all the tasks assigned to her.

A. keep on B. set up C. put off D. carry out

5. A selfish person is incapable _____ true friendship.

A. for B. with C. in D. of

6. _____ happened, I didn’t want to lose Sarah’s friendship.

A. However B. Wherever C. Whatever D. Whenever

7. Choose the phrase that has the same meaning as the underlined one.

 – The boy glanced at me and turned away.

A. looked attentively B. looked quickly
C. looked carefully D. looked suspiciously

8. We need a(n) _____ and reliable birth control option to decrease population growth.

A. limited B. available C. average D. safe

9. If seawater _____ salty, it would be more interesting for the tourists.

A. is not B. are not C. were not D. had not been

10. After she _____ her Japanese course, she went to Tokyo to continue her study.

A. had finished B. has finished C. finishes D. will finish

IV. Rewrite each of the following sentences. Using the words given.

1. “Would you like some drinks?” the boy said to us.

=> The boy invited _________________.

2. “Okay, I’ll pick Lucy up.”

=> She agreed _____________________.

3. If you didn’t sign it, I would not agree with it.

=> Unless _________________________.

4. They stopped the girl killing herself.

=> They prevented _________________.

5. “If it is sunny today, we can have a picnic outside,” He said.

=> He said to me that _______________.

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