I. Choose the word which stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. internet B. convenient C. comfortable D. interesting

Number 2.

A. entertain B. electronic C. document D. information

Number 3.

A. puppet B. federation C. impolite D. afternoon

Number 4.

A. protect B. enough C. resign D. casual

Number 5.

A. campus B. remote C. routine D. respond

II. Choose the best answer.

1. He wishes she _____ in the future.

A. will be a teacher B. would be a teacher
C. has been a teacher D. may be a teacher

2. Trang was sick, _____ she couldn’t go to class.

A. then B. so C. as D. when

3. You don’t know where Kim is, _____?

A. is she B. isn’t she C. don’t you D. do you

4. You shouldn’t watch TV every day. It’s very _____.

A. time-consuming B. informative C. costly D. boring

5. My mother _____ as a housewife for 20 years.

A. worked B. had worked C. has worked D. is working

6. If you want to get good marks, you ought to _____ hard.

A. practicing B. practiced C. practices D. practice

7. The teacher gave back the book which _____ marked.

A. had been B. has been C. was D. have been

8. I am sick _____ hearing complaints from you every day.

A. with B. of C. about D. for

9. Next year, we’re _____ a new air-conditioner put in our bedroom.

A. making B. deciding C. letting D. having

10. He’ll never pass his driving test _____ he spends more on lessons.

A. because B. because of C. unless D. if

III. Choose the word (A, B, C, or D) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

    “My home is in the air – I do an enormous amount of traveling. It is a fast life and (1) _____ of work, but I like it and that is the only way (2) _____ me. Everything is tiring – music, traveling – but what can I do? I am not (3) _____ to complaining. It is hard to imagine now (4) _____ I will ever be very long in one place. My hometown is on the Caspian Sea. There is a sea, wind, sun and (5) _____ many tourists and hotels. I have my own flat with four or five rooms, but I am seldom there. If I am there for a day or two I prefer to (6) _____ with my mother and grandmother. They live in a small house, (7) _____ it is very comfortable and my mother cooks for me. I like good, simple food.

    I have no wife, no brothers or sisters and my father (8) _____ when I was seven. He was an engineer and I don’t (9) _____ him very well. He liked music very much and wanted me to (10) _____ a musician.”

Number 1.

A. most B. full C. complete D. more

Number 2.

A. for B. to C. in D. by

Number 3.

A. wanted B. taken C. used D. known

Number 4.

A. and B. so C. while D. that

Number 5.

A. far B. too C. much D. more

Number 6.

A. do B. go C. stay D. spend

Number 7.

A. but B. since C. even D. which

Number 8.

A. killed B. gone C. passed D. died

Number 9.

A. know B. remember C. remind D. see

Number 10.

A. become B. turn C. develop D. grow

IV. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

1. My grandpa used to work as a _____. (FARM)

2. _____ can use and borrow books from this library. (READ)

3. Thomas A. Edison was an American _____. (INVENT)

4. I want some more _____ about this course. (INFORM)

5. This is the oldest _____ site in Vietnam. (HISTORY)

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