I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. pancake B. annoy C. paper D. straight

Number 2.

A. collected B. seemed C. learned D. burned

Number 3.

A. saucepan B. precaution C. caught D. laugh

Number 4.

A. answer B. what C. wrong D. write

Number 5.

A. know B. crowd C. window D. own

II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

1. Ly studied really _____ this semester.

A. hardly B. hard C. very hardly D. bad

2. The children are old enough to look after _____.

A. themselves B. ourselves C. herself D. himself

3. Parents hate their kids _____ TV all day.

A. watch B. to watch C. watching D. watches

4. Would you like _____ a message?

A. to leave B. leave C. leaving D. left

5. We’ll meet again _____ Saturday, August 3rd.

A. in B. between C. at D. on

6. You _____ to go to the market and buy some ingredients for meals.

A. must  B. should C. ought D. have to

7. Beer _____ for breakfast in England years ago.

A. used be drunk B. used to be drunk
C. used to drunk D. used to be drank

8. The moon _____ around the earth.

A. move B. moves C. is moving D. will move

9. Mary was born in China. Chinese is her _____.

A. first language B. mother tongue C. foreign D. A and B

10. I used to live _____ a farm and look _____ my grandparents.

A. in/ after B. on/ after C. in/ out D. on/ out

III. Combine each pair of sentences, using ENOUGH.

1. He is friendly. He can make a lot of friends.


2. She is intelligent. She can answer all the questions.


3. They are good. They’ll pass the exam.


4. You aren’t well. Don’t go out.


5. He isn’t tall. He can’t reach the shelf.


IV. Find one mistake in each sentence by choosing A, B, or C.

1. Her school are different from mine.

A. are B. from C. mine

2. I haven’t met her for last Sunday.

A. haven’t B. met C. for

3. She asked me sit down.

A. asked B. me C. sit

4. She ought to staying in bed.

A. ought to B. staying C. in bed

5. She have to go to school on time.

A. have to B. to school C. on time

6. They are interested on doing experiments.

A. are B. interested on C. doing

7. They speak English quite good.

A. speak B. English C. good

8. He didn’t finished the project last week.

A. didn’t B. finished C. last week

9. Our father used to smoking when he was young.

A. used to B. smoking C. was

10. There is many different ways of learning English.

A. is B. different C. learning

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