I. Which word has the different stress pattern from the rest?

Number 1.

A. economics B. information C. education D. supermarket

Number 2.

A. eternal B. novation C. vacancy D. unpleasant

Number 3.

A. sacrifice B. diversity C. wrongdoing D. counterpart

II. Which word has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest?

Number 1.

A. important B. exception C. initiate D. attention

Number 2.

A. reformed B. maintained C. retailed D. expanded

Number 3.

A. bride B. confine C. oblige D. determine

III. Choose the best answer.

1. “_____” is used to express disagreement.

A. I couldn’t disagree with you anymore. B. That’s what I’m not thinking of
C. That’s the way I see it D. That’s not a good idea.

2. What did you have for _____ breakfast yesterday?

A. the B. an C. Ø D. a

3. Your brother said he _____ 14 on his next birthday.

A. will be B. would be C. was D. is

4. By next month, they _____ reconstruct the road.

A. will have finished B. will finish
C. will be finishing D. finish

5. Since you’ve asked me why _____ there, I’ll tell you.

A. I went B. did I go C. had I gone D. I was going

6. Minh: “Wow, I’ve never seen such a beautiful picture, Trung.”

– Trung: “__________”.

A. Oh, I don’t know. B. Thank you. I’m glad you like it.
C. You’re welcome. D. I agree with you.

7. The princess was happy during the years _____ she lived with the fairy.

A. where B. in which C. when D. that

8. If nobody _____, we’ll postpone the meeting till next week.

A. minds B. argues C. refuses D. objects

9. Who takes the responsibility _____ running the household in your house?

A. in B. with C. for D. of

10. My brother, _____ has just got a job in an entertainment company, is very keen on singing.

A. who B. that C. whom D. all are correct

IV. Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.

1. I enjoy to cook (A) for (B) these five (C) hungry (D) children.


2. The meeting scheduling (A) for (B) this morning has (C) been canceled (D).


3. I didn’t get (A) the job despite of (B) My experience (C) in this field (D).


4. We will tell (A) Anna to call (B) you back when she will go (C) home this evening (D).


5. I am (A) very interested (B) in playing football, but I am actually (C) not good for (D) playing.


V. Read the text and choose the correct answer to each question.

    It is difficult to write rules that tell exactly when we should apologize, (1) _____ it is not difficult to learn how. If we have done something to hurt someone’s feelings, or if we have been (2) _____ or rude, we should apologize. An apology indicates that we realize we have (3) _____ a mistake, and we are sorry (4) _____ it. It is a way of expressing our regret for something. When we (5) _____, we admit our wrongdoing, usually offer a reason for it and express regret.

Number 1.

A. for B. and C. but D. also

Number 2.

A. friendly B. kind C. polite D. impolite

Number 3.

A. produced B. made C. done D. created

Number 4.

A. for B. about C. at D. in

Number 5.

A. accept B. admitted C. laughed D. apologize

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