I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the other.

Number 1.

A. climb B. able C. brave D. suburb

Number 2.

A. weak B. wealthy C. peanut D. measles

Number 3.

A. cooked B. brushed C. danced D. needed

Number 4.

A. cousin B. catch C. circus D. culture

Number 5.

A. painted B. joined C. preferred  D. stayed

II. Choose the best answer.

1. Your sister tells me a lot _____ you.

A. of B. about C. at D. on

2. Wash vegetables carefully before _____.

A. cooking and eating B. to cook and to eat
C. cook and eat D. cooking and eat

3. My neighbor, Mrs. Nga, bought the material and _____ the dress for me.

A. does B. made C. did D. makes

4. I _____ Cham temple and Tri Nguyen Aquarium.

A. went B. looked C. came D. visited

5. Anna is always afraid _____ spiders.

A. off B. with C. of D. by

6. We will be back _____ a few minutes.

A. in B. on C. at D. about

7. A: I have a cold.

 – B: You’d better _____ out.

A. go B. not go C. to go D. not to go

8. She is 160 centimeters _____.

A. tall B. heavy C. old D. high

9. How _____ is Nhung? – She is 46 kilos.

A. high B. weight C. heavy D. much

10. Tram and her sister _____ at home yesterday.

A. didn’t are B. wasn’t C. weren’t D. not were

III. Fill in the blanks with the given words.

Would – Disappear – Wrong – Common – Cough

Feel – Slight – Symptoms – Take – Headache

Lan: Good morning!

Doctor: Good morning! Take a seat, please! What’s (1) _____ with you?

Lan: Yes, I have a (2) _____ and a stomachache. I (3) _____ very tired.

Doctor: Well, I need to (4) _____ your temperature first.

Lan: OK.
Doctor: (5) _____ you open your mouth, please? Thanks! That’s is 39oC. You have a (6) _____ fever. Do you have a runny nose, coughing, and sneezing?

Lan: Yes, I (7) _____ very much.

Doctor: All right. You catch the (8) _____ cold. Don’t worry. Your cold will last for a few days and then (9) _____ itself. I will give you some medicines to relieve the (10) _____.

Lan: Thank you!

IV. Rewrite the following sentences using “had better”.

1. Linh shouldn’t stay up too late.


2. You should do morning exercise regularly.


3. She has a headache. I advise her to take a rest.


4. You shouldn’t smoke in the hospital.


5. The doctor advises me to brush your teeth twice a day.


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