I. Choose the word which stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. maintain B. marine C. challenge D. device

Number 2.

A. produce B. floppy C. passive D. turtle

Number 3.

A. carnivore B. entrapment C. altitude D. internet

Number 4.

A. mammal B. ocean C. accidental D. herbicide

Number 5.

A. century B. mystery C. comedy D. picturesque

II. Choose the best answer.

1. A: “We’re still waiting for Trinh.”

 – B: “Hasn’t she _____ yet?”

A. come B. coming C. comes D. came

2. What would you do if you _____ the truth?

A. would know B. has known C. knows D. knew

3. The country is divided _____ 6 regions.

A. to B. on C. into D. up

4. Would you mind if I _____ you tonight?

A. call B. called C. calling D. will call

5. I am reading an _____ book.

A. interest B. interested C. interesting D. interestingly

6. He’s been practicing hard for the exam, so he _____ to pass.

A. should B. ought C. had better D. must

7. She said she _____ meet her idol the following day.

A. ought to B. should C. must D. would

8. I’ll pay you double _____ you get this project finished by Friday.

A. if B. unless C. supposing D. provided

9. They were sent to a local _____ right after their parents’ death.

A. orphanage B. hospital C. park D. prison

10. I’m not an astronaut. If I _____ an astronaut, I _____ my camera with me on the spaceship.

A. am/ will take B. were/ would take
C. were/ had taken D. was/ would have taken

III. Find one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences.

1. You can’t go into the reception unless you’ve got an ticket.

A. go into B. unless C. got D. an ticket

2. We are used to think that there was no life in the ocean depths.

A. are used to B. think C. was D. depths

3. The match was canceled because of the weather was bad.

A. The match B. was canceled C. because of D. was

4. Despite his disability, he tried leading as normal a life as possible.

A. Despite B. tried leading C. normal D. as possible

5. Unless you don’t tell your mom the truth, she will be mad at you.

A. Unless B. tell C. the truth D. at

IV. Put the verbs in brackets into the first or second conditional.

1. A: What happened between you and Alisa?

 – B: No, I _____ (not, speak) to her again if she _____ (not say) sorry first.

2. A: We are late, aren’t we?

 – B: No. Everything _____ (be) okay if we _____ (leave) in the next ten minutes.

3. A: So you think it’s my fault that I feel so tired?

 – B: Yes, you _____ (feel) much better if you _____ (go) to bed at a reasonable time.

4. A: What’s your idea of the most wonderful place for a vacation?

 – B: I think I _____ (go) to Hawaii if I _____ (have) the money.

5. A: Do you and your brother get together very often?

 – B: No, we _____ (see) each other more if we _____ (live) closer, but he lives in Ohio.

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