I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. car B. park C. warm D. farm

Number 2.

A. kind B. mind C. tired D. city

Number 3.

A. village  B. go C. game D. gift

Number 4.

A. home B. money C. old D. nose

Number 5.

A. empty  B. novel C. reference D. left

II. Choose the correct word or phrase to fill in each of the following sentences.

1. _____ does Ly have her Biology class?

A. When B. Why C. How long  D. What

2. Kids should _____ to bed early.

A. to go B. goes C. going D. go

3. Tam _____ a glass of milk.

A. am B. is C. are D. does

4. _____ don’t you come to my house? – OK. Let’s go.

A. What B. How about C. Why D. Let’s

5. _____ are you doing?

A. What B. When C. Who D. Whose

6. Would you like _____ some games?

A. play B. plays C. to play D. playing

7. Do you play marbles _____ recess?

A. in B. on C. of D. at

8. _____ a beautiful view!

A. How B. What C. What is D. How much

9. Come in and _____ a seat.

A. have B. give C. do D. make

10. Who is _____ the picture?

A. on B. in C. at D. between

III. Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B.


1. When do you have history?

2. Does she know how to use a laptop?

3. What do you often do at recess?

4. Which sports do you play?

5. How often do you fishing?


A. Twice a week.

B. Yes, she does.

C. I play hide and seek.

D. On Tuesday.

E. Badminton.

IV. Rewrite the following sentences using the words given.

1. Let’s go out for dinner. 

– What about _____________________?

2. Why don’t we read this book?

– Let’s ____________________________.

3. When is your birthday?

– What ___________________________?

4. I’d like to go to the zoo.

– How about ______________________?

5. How many kilos of rice does she want? 

– How much ______________________?

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