I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. come B. export C. lorry D. resort

Number 2.

A. wild B. high C. holiday D. violent

Number 3.

A. heavy B. peaceful C. pleasure D. weather

Number 4.

A. famous B. nervous C. dangerous D. mountain

Number 5.

A. flood B. shoot C. good D. root

II. Choose the best answer.

1. There was a new law _____ TV last night.

A. for B. to  C. in D. on

2. The sea bed _____ here to 5000 meters.

A. deep B. deepens C. deeper D. depth

3. When I arrived at the party, Everybody _____ home.

A. had already gone B. has already gone
C. already went D. already was going

4. The house had been _____ three apartments.

A. turned in B. put it C. pulled down D. turned into

5. If it _____ very hard, the streets will flood.

A. rains B. will rain C. is raining D. would rain

6. I only _____ safe and secure in my house.

A. to feel B. feels C. do not feel D. do feel

7. Identify a mistake in the following sentence:

– My sister stopped to travel because it wastes a lot of money.

A. My sister B. stopped C. to travel D. wastes

8. My mom has worked in a small factory near my house _____ 2000.

A. from B. since C. in D. for

9. Humans would not do anything to _____ their lives.

A. danger B. dangerous C. endanger D. endangered

10. This app allows people from many countries _____ with each other.

A. communicate B. to communicate
C. communicating D. communicates

III. Read the following passage carefully, and then choose the best answer.

   Charles Dickens is a famous story writer. He made a name for himself in the writing world more than a hundred years ago. His books have delighted children all over the world.

   Charles Dickens did not have a happy childhood. When he was young, his family was thrown into prison for not being able to pay their debts. Little Charles had to work very hard.

   He earned money to support himself by working in a shoe polish factory.

   Being ambitious, he was determined to succeed in life. He had a passion for writing. He started writing books. His stories became very popular.

1. The writer states that Charles Dickens had “a passion for writing”. This means that _____.

A. he loved writing B. he lived on writing
C. he wanted to practice writing D. he chose writing as his job

2. Charles Dickens’ stories _____.

A. made him famous B. have delighted children
C. have been popular D. all are correct

3. Charles Dickens was determined to _____.

A. back to school B. sell more stories
C. polish more shoes D. be successful in life

4. What did Charles Dickens do to support himself?

A. He sold stories. B. He polished shoes.
C. He worked in a shoe factory. D. He wrote books.

5. Charles Dickens’s family was thrown into the prison for _____.

A. being poor B. not finding much money
C. owing money D. earning money

IV. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.

1. Meeting you will always stay in my memory. 

– I _________________________________

A. will never forget to meet you. B. will never forget meeting you.
C. never will forget meeting you. D. never forget when I met you.

2. My wait in the line has lasted thirty minutes so far. 

– I _________________________________

A. waited in the line thirty minutes ago. B. was waiting in the line for thirty minutes.
C. have been waiting in the line for thirty minutes. D. wait in the line in thirty minutes.

3. It’s nearly ten years since I last saw my uncle.

– I __________________________________

A. saw my uncle for nearly ten years. B. have seen my uncle for nearly ten years.
C. didn’t see my uncle nearly ten years ago. D. haven’t seen my uncle for nearly ten years.

4. I’ve still got the phone because no one has purchased it.

– I’ve still got the phone ________________

A. because it hasn’t been purchased. B. because of not purchasing on it.
C. because of no purchase has been made on it. D. because it has been purchased by no one.

5. Although he was seriously sick, he was determined to finish his work.

– In spite of ____________________________

A. the serious sick, he was determined to finish his work. B. be sick seriously, he was determined to finish his work.
C. his serious sickness, he was determined to finish his work. D. he was sick seriously, he was determined to finish his work.

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