I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

Number 1.

A. aware B. constant C. landed D. entrance

Number 2.

A. scout B. cellar C. communist D. carry

Number 3.

A. reduced B. dissolved C. supposed D. encouraged

Number 4.

A. encourage B. country C. ground D. young

Number 5.

A. subsidy B. measure C. solve D. congress

II. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

Number 1.

A. element B. commitment C. heritage D. subsidy

Number 2.

A. inflation B. average C. nursery D. thinkable

Number 3.

A. commit B. common C. communist D. country

Number 4.

A. reform B. reduce C. renovate D. review

Number 5.

A. policy B. enterprise C. government D. minority

III. Choose the best answer.

1. Trung and Lien _____ married last December.

A. got B. were getting C. have got D. has got

2. I _____ you this package if I had known your address.

A. will send B. would send
C. would have sent D. sent

3. Your teacher wouldn’t be angry if you _____ on pronunciation.

A. had focused B. focused C. has focused D. focus

4. The government is aiming _____ 50% reduction in unemployment.

A. to B. at C. on D. for

5. Ms. Helen _____ in Tokyo 15 years ago.

A. lives B. is living C. lived D. has lived

6. English _____ at the conference next Thursday.

A. will speak B. is speaking C. has spoken D. will be spoken

7. We would have sent you a Christmas card if we _____ your address.

A. had had B. had C. have had D. have

8. Tung got good marks for his test because all the lessons were revised _____ by him.

A. careful B. carelessly C. careless D. carefully

IV. Rewrite the sentence using the given expression.

1. My sister is preparing the meal in the kitchen. (Passive voice)

=> The meal ______________________.

2. She loses her job because she often goes to work late. (Conditional sentence)

=> If she __________________________.

3. They will go to the station. They will meet their parents. (Conditional sentence)

=> They __________________________.

4. “Don’t touch anything in this room,” the policeman asked. (Reported speech)

=> The policeman asked ___________.

5. The wild animals which are living in National Parks are protected carefully. (Reduce relative pronoun)

=> The wild animals ________________.

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