I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. explosion B. constancy C. pesticide D. government

Number 2.

A. organize B. dependent C. positive D. usually

Number 3.

A. family B. gratitude C. maximum D. develop

Number 4.

A. policy B. pharmacy C. insurance D. pianist

Number 5.

A. expert B. control C. limit D. injury

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

Number 1.

A. health B. birth C. earth D. another

Number 2.

A. love B. optional C. tropical D. novel

Number 3.

A. mowing B. answering C. forwarding D. powering

Number 4.

A. man B. late C. cake D. play

Number 5.

A. limit B. figure C. iron D. billion

III. Choose the best answer.

1. “I didn’t break the vase.” 

  – She denied _____ the vase.

A. to breaking B. breaking C. have broken D. break

2. “How tall are you?”

  – She asked me _____.

A. how tall I was B. how tall I are
C. how tall I were D. how tall I am

3. There are 54 _____ minorities in Viet Nam.

A. national B. primary C. ethnic D. main

4. The government allowed _____ the tobacco legally.

A. to sell B. selling C. have sold D. sold

5. When listening _____ a song, I always sing along.

A. of B. with C. for D. to

6. “If you get married to that girl, we will be very sad.”

  – My parents prevented me _____ to that girl.

A. get married B. getting married
C. from getting married D. from get married

7. The book shopkeeper called _____ that the dictionary I ordered has arrived.

A. to say B. saying C. said D. to be said

8. _____ all the rules of chess, the contestants started to play the first game.

A. Learn B. To learn C. Learning D. Having learned

9. Parents always prevent their children _____ games too much.

A. from playing B. playing C. to play D. to playing

10. Last month my company _____ to donate 10.000 dollars to help the flood areas.

A. organized B. volunteered C. bring D. take

IV. Choose the part that is incorrect.

1. Our (A) parents didn’t (B) let us to travel (C) with (D) them.


2. In (A) her free time, she likes going (B) to shop (C) with her (D) friends.


3. It is difficult (A) to get used to sleep (B) in a tent after having (C) a soft, comfortable bed to lie on (D).


4. In recent (A) years a large number (B) of our equipment (C) has been stolen from (D) construction sites.


5. Volunteers will be required (A) a university degree to be eligible (B) to teach (C) at the second school (D).


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