I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

Number 1.

A. passed B. camped C. required D. booked

Number 2.

A. certainly B. cushion C. committee D. complete

Number 3.

A. ability B. action C. academic D. applicant

Number 4.

A. honest B. humor C. honor D. hour

Number 5.

A. whether B. though C. rhythm D. healthy

II. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

Number 1.

A. probably B. lecturer C. attention D. agency

Number 2.

A. advertise B. qualify C. recommend D. interview

Number 3.

A. technique B. experience C. financial D. confidence

Number 4.

A. curriculum B. fashionable C. tremendous D. technology

Number 5.

A. secondary B. certificate C. original D. requirement

III. Choose the best answers.

1. If he _____ early last night, he _____ here now.

B. had slept/ would have been C. had slept/ would be
C. were sleeping/ is D. slept/ were

2. She has been _____ work with a bad back since July.

A. on B. out C. at D. off

3. If you _____ a wish, what would you wish for your family?

A. been having B. was having C. had D. have

4. A: “Those eggs of different colors are very artistic”.

 – B: “Yes, they _____ in Russia”.

A. were paint B. were painting C. were painted D. painted

5. If he _____ the bank, he wouldn’t be arrested now.

A. didn’t rob B. doesn’t rob C. hasn’t robbed D. hadn’t robbed

6. Those are people _____ houses were destroyed by the earthquake.

A. whose B. their C. what D. which

7. School system in Finland is _____ for all students and _____ by the governments.

A. free/ pays B. free/ paid
C. fee-paying/ paid D. fee-paid/ pays

8. They have just found the couple and their car _____ were swept away during the flood last week.

A. when B. that C. which D. whose

IV. Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning as the given one.

1. Japanese use bicycles for short journeys.

A. Bicycles is used for short journeys. B. Bicycles are use for short journeys.
C. Bicycles are used for short journeys. D. Bicycles be used for short journeys.

2. They don’t have money now, so they can’t purchase this phone.

A. If they had money now, they could purchase this phone. B. They could purchase this phone unless they had money.
C. Had they have money now, they could have purchased this phone. D. If they didn’t have money now, they couldn’t purchase this phone.

3. We didn’t go camping because we didn’t have time.

A. We wouldn’t go camping if we didn’t have time. B. If we hadn’t had time, we wouldn’t have gone camping.
C. We would go camping if we had more time. D. If we had had time, we would have gone camping.

4. Beginners have to learn many new vocabularies. They are very difficult.

A. Beginners who are very difficult have to learn many new vocabularies. B. Beginners have to learn many new vocabularies which are very difficult.
C. Beginners being very difficult have to learn many new vocabularies. D. Beginners have to learn many new vocabularies being very difficult.

5. My suit needs to be cleaned before the interview but I’m too busy to do that.

A. I must have my suit cleaned before the interview. B. I must have my suit to be cleaned before the interview.
C. I must clean my suit before the interview. D. I must get my mother clean my suit before the interview.

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