I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. creative B. champion C. enjoyment D. remember

Number 2.

A. expert B. speedy C. aware D. spacious

Number 3.

A. tropical B. interest C. billion D. realistic

Number 4.

A. society B. formally C. activate D. legacy

Number 5.

A. maximum B. knowledge C. athletics D. marathon

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

Number 1.

A. western B. writing C. winner D. world

Number 2.

A. charity B. chances C. champagne D. chopsticks

Number 3.

A. whole B. whisper C. whistle D. wheat

Number 4.

A. dishes B. teaches C. misses D. tomatoes

Number 5.

A. reciting B. spirit C. stimulate D. winner

III. Choose the best answer.

1. “Let’s have a picnic this weekend.” 

   – He suggested _____ to the cinema.

A. to have B. have C. had D. having

2. She decided _____ to stay alone.

A. to stay B. staying C. have stayed D. stay

3. He asked me what my address _____.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

4. The boss wants _____ to his office.

A. that you come B. you come to
C. you come D. you to come

5. They quickly read the questions and tried to find out the answers.

A complete B. guess C. offer D. discover

6. Don’t forget to _____ in touch while you’re away.

A. put B. stay C. make D. hold

7. I asked him _____ some chores but he refused _____ anything.

A. to do/ to do B. to do/ not to do
C. doing/ to do D. doing/ not to do

8. “It was very nice of you to help us. Thank you very much.”

  – They thanked me __________.

A. for help them B. for helping them
C. help them D. helping them

9. The teacher explained the competition’s rules _____ the students very carefully.

A. for B. with C. to D. about

10. We didn’t understand the question _____ the teacher explained it.

A. as soon as B. before C. until D. at once

IV. Choose the part that is incorrect.

1. He shall (A) be flying to (B) Italy (C) next Monday (D).


2. We object to changing (A) our (B) plans on (C) this late (D) date.


3. I can congratulate (A) myself (B) on (C) having done a excellent job (D).


4. I decided (A) changing (B) jobs because my company makes (C) me work (D) over time.


5. the teacher said that (A) about 10 children need (B) special (C) help in reading (D).


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