I. Chọn từ có phần gạch chân được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại.

Number 1.

A. please B. teacher C. meat D. bear

Number 2.

A. close B. morning C. four D. board

Number 3.

A. six B. nine  C. fine D. hi

Number 4.

A. say B. catch C. make  D. play

Number 5.

A. music B. soccer C. city D. class

II. Chọn đáp án đúng.

1. My cousin is waiting _____ a bus.

A. to B. of C. for  D. in

2. Does your brother _____ games? – No, he doesn’t.

A. play B. plays C. playing  D. to play

3. A: _____ are you going to stay with?

 – B: My grandparents.

A. What B. Who C. Where D. When

4. Which cinema _____?

A. do you want to go to  B. do you want to go it
C. you want to go D. do you want to go

5. Find a mistake in the following sentence:

– How much teachers are there in the new school?

A. much B. teachers C. are D. in

6. My mother _____ to the radio in the morning.

A. listen  B. watch C. listens D. watches

7. Which grade _____ your sister in?

A. are B. be C. is D. am

8. A: Do children have English on Saturday?

 – B: __________.

A. Yes, they have B. No, they don’t
C. Yes, they don’t D. No, they not have

9. There is a school event _____ Sunday morning.

A. in B. at C. to D. on

10. The boy is a little thin, _____ he is strong.

A. and B. for C. or D. but

III. Chọn từ thích hợp cho sẵn điền vào chỗ trống.

Seaside – Mountains – Beautiful – Summer – Not

Spend – Between – Flowers – Long – Countryside

England is _____ a very large country. No town in England is very far from the _____ and many English families _____ their summer holidays at the _____. There are no high _____ in England, no very _____ rivers and no large forests. There are many towns in England. The English seaside _____ the town looks quite _____ especially in spring and _____. All forests, the fields and gardens are green, red, blue, yellow and white with _____.

IV. Chia động từ cho đúng với dạng trong ngoặc.

1. How many tickets (you / buy) _____?

2. (He / like) _____ you?

3. They (not like) _____ listening to music.

4. We (be) _____ away from home at the weekend.

5. My best friend (write) _____ to me every week.

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