I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. persuade B. libraries C. mountain D. organize

Number 2.

A. collection B. advantage C. educate D. disaster

Number 3.

A. decrease B. provide C. believe D. ethnic

Number 4.

A. college B. recite C. sponsor D. comfort

Number 5.

A. effective B. considerable C. relevant D. maturity

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

Number 1.

A. meaning B. leaning C. searching D. reading

Number 2.

A. ridden B. whiten C. hidden D. risen

Number 3.

A. swimmer B. drawing C. allow D. however

Number 4.

A. honor B. hyper C. harmful D. healthy

Number 5.

A. student B. attitude C. struggle D. universal

III. Choose the best answer.

1. I _____ the driver I wanted to stop.

A. told B. telling C. to tell D. tells

2. The teacher told students _____ the books.

A. not open B. not opening C. open D. not to open

3. Marry moved away a week _____.

A. since B. ago C. before D. over

4. They asked me _____ off the phone.

A. to turn B. turning C. turn D. turned

5. Will you _____ me some pictures to upload to Facebook?

A. give B. have C. take D. keep

6. _____ at the audience, they seem so excited.

A. Look B. To look C. Have look D. Looking

7. The director kept me _____ at the entrance for almost an hour.

A. to wait B. to be wait C. waiting D. wait

8. Could you please _____ an eye on your little sister for a few minutes?

A. put B. have C. keep D. take

9. A thief _____ into my car while I _____ some food in the market.

A. broke/ was buying B. broke/ bought
C. had broken/ bought D. broke/ had bought

10. The price of petrol has gone _____ by over 50 percent in less than a year.

A. out B. up C. over D. off

IV. Rewrite each of the following sentences. Using the words given.

1. “Let’s have a drink!” they said.

=> They suggested ________________.

2. “You’d better move to a new apartment,” my mother told us.

=> My mother advised _____________.

3. “Please let me stay alone!” Said Tung three times.

=> Tung insisted ___________________.

4. “I will bring a special gift to the party,” said Anna.

=> Anna offered ___________________.

5. “It was you and only you who ate the cake,” my mother told my sister.

=> My mother accused _____________.

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