I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. recorder B. from C. cost D. doctor

Number 2.

A. milk B. dial C. divide D. unit

Number 3.

A. request B. sell C. memo D. left

Number 4.

A. harbor B. start C. part D. back

Number 5.

A. put B. pull C. burn D. push

II. Choose the best answer.

1. _____ is used for making exact copies of documents.

A. Computer B. Printer C. Camcorder D. Photocopier

2. What _____ an hour ago while I _____ the floor?

A. did you do – cleaned B. did you do – was cleaning
C. were you doing – was cleaning D. were you doing – cleaned

3. The weather is very _____ at this time of year.

A. change B. changed C. changeable D. changeless

4. Identify a mistake:

– “I can’t find my key, that is a stupid mistake.” 

A. can’t find B. that C. is D. mistake

5. A lot of prisoners _____ since last year.

A. have been increased B. have increased
C. increased D. was increased

6. I don’t know him _____, but he used to work for my father.

A. personal B. personally C. personalize D. personality

7. I knew Tram _____ brother studied abroad.

A. which B. what C. that D. whose

8. She is the singer about _____ we talked yesterday.

A. who B. whom C. that D. which

9. I hope this game will help students _____ a lot after studying hard.

A. relax B. relaxing C. relaxed D. be relaxed

10. These classes are different _____ other classes because the students are disabled.

A. in B. of C. from D. with

III. Choose one option that best fits each of the numbered blank.

   Louis Braille was born in 1309 (1) _____ Couvray. He was a French (2) _____ of the blind. He (3) _____ was blind from the age of three, and in 1818 he went to the National Institute (4) _____ the Young Blind in Paris. Soon showing marked (5) ______ in both science and music, he became famous in Paris (6) _____ an organist and violoncellist. In 1826 Braille began teaching the blind in the (7) _____. Braille is known for his idea of (8) _____ his briberies. Point writing (9) _____ of embossed dots and dashes on cardboard, the Braille system (10) _____ from it is used successfully today, in slightly modified form, and in many countries.

Number 1.

A. on B. at C. in D. of

Number 2.

A. teacher B. doctor C. lawyer D. designer

Number 3.

A. who B. whom C. himself D. for himself

Number 4.

A. for B. of C. to D. with

Number 5.

A. activity B. ability C. intelligence D. determination

Number 6.

A. like B. as C. such as D. for

Number 7.

A. academy B. organization C. school D. institute

Number 8.

A. learning B. expressing C. ringing D. modifying

Number 9.

A. contains B. combines C. consists D. comprises

Number 10.

A. made B. taken C. done D. derived

IV. Match the clauses in column A with the ones in column B to make meaningful sentences.


1. You will be here in 10 minutes,

2. There is a lot of trash on the street,

3. The boys don’t like flowers,

4. They haven’t got money,

5. Turn on the fan,

6. Let’s go out for a drink,

7. Ngoc will be fine,

8. It’s a polar bear,


A. do they?

B. will you?

C. shall we?

D. won’t you?

E. isn’t there?

F. have they?

G. isn’t it?

H. won’t she?

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