I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. novel B. movie C. pork D. socket

Number 2.

A. lamp B. bag C. candy D. table

Number 3.

A. objects B. drugs C. plays D. teachers

Number 4.

A. chicken B. bunch C. chemical D. children

Number 5.

A. hat B. fat C. classmate  D. carrot

II. Choose the best answer.

1. My parents _____ about my bad habits.

A. always complain B. always complained
C. has always complained D. are always complaining

2. Do you mind _____ the bag?

A. close B. closes C. closed D. closing

3. Our team won the games because we played _____.

A. good B. well C. bad D. badly

4. Lam was born _____ November 4th _____ 1998.

A. on – in B. in – on C. on – at D. at – on

5. We _____ out for a drink yesterday evening.

A. go B. went C. to go D. going

6. She looked at me _____ when I interrupted him.

A. angrily B. angry C. anger D. angryly

7. Hoa _____ in Hue last year.

A. lives B. living C. lived D. live

8. He asked me _____ off the phone.

A. turn B. to turn C. turned D. to turning

9. The teacher told you _____ on that table.

A. not sit B. not sat C. don’t sit D. not to sit

10. I _____ on a farm when I was young.

A. used live B. used to living C. used to live D. use to live

III. Read and choose the best answer that is suitable to fill in each gap.

   Life is ___ (1) ___ more and more convenient. Electricity helps life have ___ (2) ___. A long time ago, before the Christian era, men knew about the ___ (3) ___ of this, but no one had known what electricity was until 1960 when an English scientist showed the world. And it ___ (4) ___ became popular in the 1800s. It started helping machines work and we stopped depending so much ___ (5) ___ coal. It started helping people work easier. Now, a lot of household appliances need electricity ___ (6) ___. But electricity is dangerous for people. You should not touch an electrical ___ (7) ___ with wet hands or put plants or vases on any electrical ones. Remember ___ (8) ___ anything into sockets because electricity can kill.

Number 1.

A. coming B. getting C. traveling D. going

 Number 2.

A. change B. to change C. chance D. choice

Number 3.

A. exist B. existence C. existance D. existant

Number 4.

A. began B. always C. must D. first

Number 5.

A. in B. at C. on D. of

Number 6.

A. work  B. working C. to work D. worked

Number 7.

A. appliance B. device C. object D. A & B

Number 8.

A. to put B. not to put C. putting D. not putting

IV. Read the text and decide whether the following sentences are true or false. Write True (T) or False (F) in the blanks.

   Not so long ago, people only used the telephone to make phone calls. Now, thanks to computers, people use their phones to do much more. They can bank by phone, rent videos by phone, and even shop by phone. It’s also possible to send letters and reports by faxing them over telephone lines. People can use their phone lines to send messages from one computer to another computer by electronic mail, or mail.

   But you don’t need to be at home or at the office to use the phone anymore. You can carry a cell phone in your pocket or keep one in your car. With a cell phone, anyone can talk and walk whenever you want. We don’t have to look for a payphone if we want to make a call anymore. Now you can take your calls with you everywhere.

1. _____ we only used the telephone to make calls not so long ago.

2. _____ now we can use computers to phone much more.

3. _____ we can do everything by phone nowadays.

4. _____ to use the phone, we have to be at home or at the office.

5. _____ we can carry a cell phone with us.

6. _____ we can walk and talk with the cell phone.

7. _____ we have to look for a payphone if we want to make a call.

8. _____ we can phone in a car with a cell phone.

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