I. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. My aunt _____ (be) a doctor. She _____ (work) in a local hospital.

2. What _____ (your brother/ do) now? – He _____ (play) games in the bedroom.

3. I _____ (not go) camping next Sunday. I _____ (visit) the zoo.

4. Mr. Hung is a journalist. He _____ (write) for Cong An newspaper.

5. We’d like _____ (visit) you.

II. Choose a word that underlined part was pronounced differently from that of the others.

Number 1.

A. great B. reader C. teacher  D. means

Number 2.

A. wet B. better C. rest D. pretty

Number 3.

A. horrible B. hour C. house D. here

Number 4.

A. party B. lovely C. sky D. empty

Number 5.

A. stove B. moment C. sometime D. close

III. Give the correct form of comparison of the adjectives.

1. Ngoc is _____ student in our class. (Good)

2. December is _____ than June. (Cold)

3. What’s _____ day in your life? (Happy)

4. These phones are _____ than those phones. (Cheap)

5. This is _____ T-Shirt I’ve got. (Comfortable)

6. Is Vietnam _____ than Singapore? (Large)

7. Living in the city is _____ than living in the countryside. (Expensive)

8. What is _____ mountain in Viet Nam? (High)

IV. Complete the sentences with the appropriate prepositions.

1. Viet lives _____ his uncle _____ Truong Chinh Street.

2. His birthday is _____ March 8th.

3. The party will be _____ ten o’clock to half-past eleven _____ Saturday morning.

4. What is your date _____ birth, Ba?

5. I’ll wait _____ you in front of the coffee shop.

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