I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. important B. childish C. charity D. concentrate

Number 2.

A. over B. behave C. commune D. major

Number 3.

A. regular B. orphanage C. volunteer D. embassy

Number 4.

A. required B. mutual C. strategy D. stimulate

Number 5.

A. support B. suffer C. suggest D. succeed

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

Number 1.

A. funding B. Buddhism C. fluffy D. lucky

Number 2.

A. chemist B. stomach C. cheat D. architect

Number 3.

A. panda B. carrot C. map D. ca

Number 4.

A. distribute B. distance C. minibus D. lifeguard

Number 5.

A. while B. wrap C. wholly D. who

III. Choose the best answer.

1. This job requires _____.

A. patience B. patient C. impatient D. patiently

2. How about _____ a kite?

A. fly B. flying C. to fly D. flew

3. Do you think she can _____ a promise?

A. keep B. tell C. do D. preserve

4. I’ll never _____ that wonderful trip to Australia.

A. remember B. forget C. remind D. imagine

5. When the event was _____, they helped me clean up everything.

A. up B. off C. out D. over

6. We _____ money by selling old books.

A. gain B. have C. earn D. win

7. I got my friend _____ her dictionary for the weekend.

A. to let me to borrow B. let me borrow
C. to let me borrow D. let me to borrow

8. I hate _____ my girlfriend _____ out with another man.

A. see/ going B. see/ go
C. seeing/ to go D. seeing/ go

9. He brightened _____ considerably as he thought of his teacher’s words.

A. with B. on C. up D. for

10. We wanted to stop _____ some souvenirs but we didn’t have enough money.

A. to buy B. buy C. buying D. bought

IV. Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the one given.

1. They are cooking dinner in the kitchen.

A. Dinner is being cooked in the kitchen. B. Dinner is cooked in the kitchen.
C. Dinner was cooking in the kitchen. D. Dinner was cooked in the kitchen.

2. Children like reading a lot of comics.

A. Children are reading a lot of comics. B. Children are interested in reading a lot of comics.
C. Children are a lot of comics. D. Children interested reading a lot of comics.

3. “Don’t touch the fire!” the old lady said to the boy.

A. The old lady wanted the boy not touching the fire. B. The old lady warned the boy against touching the fire.
C. The old lady insisted the boy on touching the fire. D. The old lady congratulated the boy on touching the fire.

4. “I’m sorry. I broke the vase,” my little girl said.

A. My little girl said that she hated breaking the vase. B. My little girl refused breaking the vase and said sorry.
C. My little girl admitted breaking the vase. D. My little girl threatened to break the vase.

5. After he had finished his homework, he went out.

A. After had finished his homework, he went out. B. After finished his homework, he went out.
C. After he having finished his homework, he went out. D. After having finished his homework, he went out.

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