I. Choose the word which stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. unique B. decided C. rivalry D. develop

Number 2.

A. wonderful B. edition C. adjective D. difference

Number 3.

A. potential B. delicate C. apprentice D. astonished

Number 4.

A. occasion B. treatment C. guidance D. tropical

Number 5.

A. usually B. website C. benefit D. control

II. Choose the best answer.

1. A: Thank you very much for that!

 – B: Well, _____.

A. never mind B. of course C. thank you D. I don’t mind

2. Next year, we’re _____ a yard in our garden.

A. wanting B. deciding C. letting D. building

3. She asked us _____ her phone _____.

A. where/ is B. where/ was C. whether/ is D. what/ was

4. My uncle’s family have lived on the farm _____ ages.

A. since B. up to C. for D. at

5. Mrs. Ramsay was accustomed _____ in this rickety house.

A. by living B. living C. with living D. to living

6. A new movie _____ next year.

A. is built B. will be built C. will build D. build

7. I looked forward to _____ my first salary.

A. receive B. receiving C. be receiving D. had received

8. She came on Sunday morning and stayed here _____ 8:00 and 10:00.

A. between B. among C. at D. from

9. I _____ very well with my father now, we never have any arguments.

A. go on B. carry on C. get on D. put on

10. He climbed up the tree _____ to pick the apples before somebody picks them.

A. so B. so that C. in order D. for

III. Find one mistake in each sentence by choosing A, B, C or D.

1. We wish today was sunny so that we can spend the day outside.

A. was B. so that C. can D. outside

2. He became interested in cook while he was working in this restaurant.

A. interested B. cook C. while D. was working

3. Because the strong rain, she couldn’t travel to school.

A. Because B. strong rain C. couldn’t D. to school

4. They asked me what happen last night, but I was unable to tell them.

A. What happen B. last night C. unable D. tell them

5. If we had a bigger house, we could invite our grandparents stay.

A. had B. could C. invite D. stay

IV. Choose the best answer with the same meaning of the sentences above.

1. My mom said, “Don’t touch the stove!”

 – My mom said _____________________.

A. I didn’t touch the stove B. I touched the stove
C. to touch the stove D. not to touch the stove

2. “Where have you been?” the teacher asked her student. 

 – The teacher asked her student _____________________.

A. where had he been B. where he had been
C. where has he been D. where he has been

3. “Has Trang talked to you?” my friend asked.

  – My friend asked me if _____________________.

A. I have talked to Trang B. Trang has talked to me
C. I had talked to Trang D. Trang had talked to me

4. “Our teacher will go to the party tomorrow,” Linh said.

   – Luan said _____________________.

A. Their teacher would go to the party the next day B. Our teacher will go to the party tomorrow
C. Our teacher would go to the party the next day D. Their teacher would go to the party tomorrow

5. Andy said, “We didn’t have meat a week ago.”

 – Andy said that _____________________.

A. they didn’t have meat a week ago B. they hadn’t had meat a week ago
C. they haven’t had meat a week before D. they hadn’t had meat a week before

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