I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. agree B. admit C. admire D. awful

Number 2.

A. teach B. spread C. bread D. ready

Number 3.

A. comfort  B. policeman C. volunteer D. complete

Number 4.

A. trousers B. sisters C. transmits D. resorts

Number 5.

A. mobile B. holding C. going D. director

II. Choose the best answer.

1. We _____ pick up flowers in the park.

A. don’t have to  B. shouldn’t to C. must not D. ought not

2. I cleaned the kitchen after _____ it.

A. dusting B. tidying C. making D. sweeping

3. This hotel doesn’t have _____ for everyone.

A. room enough  B. enough room C. rooms enough  D. enough rooms

4. I don’t think I’ll go _____ now. It’s too hot.

A. inside B. outside C. outdoor D. B & C

5. The _____ helps us cook food quickly.

A. microwave oven B. refrigerator D. water heater D. cupboard

6. Hung is _____, on the second floor.

A. upstairs B. downstairs C. outdoor D. indoor

7. Both of you are so young. Don’t go out _____.

A. myself B. themselves C. yourself D. yourselves

8. The man lives at home _____.

A. himself B. herself C. itself D. myself

9. Ms. Green is out. Can I _____ a message for her? – Sure.

A. lend B. give C. leave D. take

10. He lost the _____ at school and he couldn’t go into the house.

A. computer B. key C. door D. newspaper

III. Read and choose the best answer that is suitable to fill in each gap.

The Robinsons ___ (1) ___ to visit Ha Long Bay this year. It’s one of the new seven wonders of the world with many limestone ___ (2) ___. There, the ___ (3) ___ is always great and sunny, the wind is often light. The family ___ (4) ___ a holiday which lasts for a week. They are going to stay in a ___ (5) ___ hotel near the seaside. Liz has already planned her trip. She is going to go swimming ___ (6) ___. In the afternoon, after swimming, she’s going to build sand ___ (7) ___ on the beach. In the evening, It’s time for ___ (8) ___. She’s going to travel on foot along the street with her mother.

Number 1.

A. are going B. plan C. intend D. All are correct

Number 2.

A. mountains B. islands C. hills D. beaches

Number 3.

A. weather B. scenery C. landscape D. All are correct

Number 4.

A. takes B. makes C. gets D. books

Number 5.

A. 5 stars B. 5-stars C. 5-star D. A & C

Number 6.

A. every day B. daily C. days D. A & B

Number 7.

A. cattles B. castles C. catsles D. cassles

Number 8.

A. cycling B. walking C. buying D. eating

IV. Give the right form of the following words.

1. She’s beautiful with a _____ smile. (LOVE)

2. Each of people has a _____ character. (DIFFER)

3. _____, He found his money. (LUCK)

4. I like my English teacher for his sense of _____. (HUMOROUS)

5. She’s always worried about the _____ of her family. (SAFE)

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