I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. celebrate B. financial C. constancy D. accident

Number 2.

A. delightful B. organize C. lemonade D. favorite

Number 3.

A. suffer B. donor C. member D. enrich

Number 4.

A. party B. birthday C. happy D. activity

Number 5.

A. horrible B. refreshment C. exciting D. intention

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

Number 1.

A. clapped B. danced C. mentioned D. helped

Number 2.

A. warm B. whom C. win D. word

Number 3.

A. unit B. until C. unpack D. uncle

Number 4.

A. hour B. honest C. vehicle D. happy

Number 5.

A. adult B. candle C. talk D. flower

III. Choose the best answer.

1. Phuong avoids _____ her uncle.

A. meet B. met C. to meet D. meeting

2. Many _____ men remarry and have second families.

A. married B. single C. divorced D. family

3. I am looking forward to _____ with you.

A. working B. work C. worked D. be worked

4. While we _____, Jim _____.

A. slept/ had come B. slept/ come
C. was sleeping/ came D. were sleeping/ came

5. Are you going to let me _____ this task myself?

A. finish B. to finish C. finished D. finishing

6. The Second World War _____ in 1939 and _____ in 1945.

A. begins/ ends B. had begun/ ended
C. has begun/ had ended D. began/ ended

7. A: Did you prepare for the English test tomorrow?

 – B: Well. I’m _____ about speaking especially.

A. interested B. keen C. worried D. anxious

8. Because the road was wet, I didn’t _____ like walking home.

A. fancy B. feel C. want D. wish

9. Tim had to _____ playing soccer when he broke his right leg.

A. end up B. go on C. stop for D. give up

10. People usually make a wish and blow _____ the candles on birthdays.

A. in B. out C. on D. at

IV. Choose the part that is incorrect.

1. I expected (A) to admit (B) to the (C) school, but I wasn’t (D).


2. It’s (A) important for (B) me be (C) home before (D) 10 p.m.


3. We heard (A) your mom talked (B) about (C) your girlfriend last week (D).


4. After he bought (A) himself (B) a (C) new phone, he sold (D) his old phone.


5. The children (A) admitted (B) to steal (C) all (D) the money yesterday.


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