I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. please B. bread C. beat D. reach

Number 2.

A. received B. worked C. obtained D. continued

Number 3.

A. met B. England C. decide D. target

Number 4.

A. good B. look C. school D. wood

Number 5.

A. soup B. routine C. group D. cloud

II. Choose the best answer.

1. When the light turned green, she _____ the car away.

A. drove B. had driven C. was driven D. drives

2. The new road should help _____ traffic problems.

A. raise B. create C .ease D. cause

3. _____ do you take a holiday? – Once a year.

A. When B. How long C. What time D. How often

4. I didn’t like it in the new school at first. But now _____ here.

A. I got used to staying B. I’m used to staying
C. I’m used to stay D. I used to stay

5. Don’t worry _____ that. Everything will be all right!

A. to B. about C. with D. for

6. My sister _____ to Australia two times this year.

A. has been B. is C. was D. had been

7. We _____ her at the company yesterday.

A. haven’t seen B. hadn’t seen C. didn’t see D. wouldn’t see

8. _____ money do you earn? – About 6 million VND a month.

A. How much B. What C. How many D. Which

9. I work from Tuesday to Saturday, Sunday and Monday are my _____.

A. working days B. days out C. breaks D. days off

10. “Was Trang there when you came?” – “Yes, but she _____ home right after that”.

A. goes B. went C. had gone D. has gone

III. Choose the sentence or phrase that best completes the dialogue.

Tony: (1) ____________________________ 
Ann: In a house near Brighton. 
Tony: (2) ____________________________ 
Ann: For three years. 
Tony: (3) ____________________________ 
Ann: The house we had before was too small. We need somewhere bigger. 
Tony: (4) ____________________________
Ann: I work in a bank. 
Tony: (5) ____________________________
Ann: I don’t earn much. Just about £ 15.000 a year.

Number 1.

A. What’s your address? B. Where are you?
C. Where you live? D. Where do you live?

Number 2.

A. You have lived there for how long? B. How long have you lived there?
C. How many years have you lived there? D. How many years have you lived there?

Number 3.

A. Why you moved? B. Why did you moved?
C. Why did you move? D. Why do you move?

Number 4.

A. What do you work? B. What your job is? 
C. What you do? D. What do you do?

Number 5.

A. How much do you earn? B. How much money do you take?
C. How about money do you earn? D. Do you earn how much money?

IV. Identify one mistake in the following sentences.

1. I were tired because I stayed up late last night.

A. were B. because  C. stayed D. late

2. You never go to the movies, don’t you?

A. never B. go  C. the movies D. don’t

3. Can you tell me where were you born? – In Sai Gon.

A. tell B. where  C. were you D. born

4. Since I begin school, I haven’t had much free time.

A. Since B. begin  C. haven’t had D. much

5. I’m trying to persuade my sister to drive, but I can’t get her do it.

A. trying B. to persuade  C. to drive D. do

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