I. Choose the word which underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. baggy B. sad C. pray D. catch

Number 2.

A. chemistry B. champagne C. Chinese D. church

Number 3.

A. closed B. turned C. embroidered D. mentioned

Number 4.

A. enough B. laugh C. cough D. plough

Number 5.

A. ethnic B. climate C. ticket D. kitchen

II. Choose the best answer.

1. My mother hasn’t worn Ao Dai _____ 10 years.

A. with B. for C. in D. since

2. He wanted to know _____ she was going to the market.

A. if B. where C. what D. was

3. We arrived _____ 8 o’clock _____ the morning.

A. at/ on B. in/ in C. at/ in D. on/ in

4. She is too young. She must depend _____ her parents.

A. on B. to C. with D. for

5. Ngan is fond _____ reading books.

A. with B. on C. in D. of

6. When I was a child, my family _____ go to Da Nang for Tet holiday.

A. are used to B. get used to C. use to D. used to

7. We were having dinner when the telephone _____.

A. rings B. ringing C. rang D. was ringing

8. I _____ English here since last year.

A. study B. studied C. have studied D. am studying

9. I wish she _____ so happy now.

A. looked B. look C. looks D. is looking

10. The students used to _____ basketball in that ground area.

A. played B. play C. playing D. be played

III. Read the passage and choose the best answer.

   A young man from Germany named Levi Strauss arrived in California in 1850. He went there to sell things to the miners. He saw that the miners needed strong pants, so he began to make them. He used cloth that people made tents from. He put rivets on the pockets to make them strong because the men put rocks in their pockets. These pants were very strong and lasted a long time. The pants became very popular immediately. Later Mr. Strauss started making Jeans from cotton cloth from Nimes, France. People called this cloth Denim. 

Denim was popular in the fifteenth century. Christopher Columbus used denim for the sails of his ship. Sailors in Genoa, Italy, wore denim pants. The word “Jeans” comes from the words “Genoa”. Mr. Strauss made the first Jeans in the United States, but the idea and the kind of cloth came from Europe. The name came from France and Italy. Jeans were always blue until presently. People used indigo to dye them. Indigo is the oldest dye in the world. Most Jeans have blue threads going across and white threads going up and down. These two colors make denim look different from other kinds of cloth.

1. The word “Denim” comes from the name of a city in _____.

A. France B. India C. Italy D. Germany

2. The word jeans is from the name of a city in _____.

A. France B. The United States C. Italy D. Germany

3. Levi Strauss went to California to _____.

A. sell things to miners B. look for gold
C. make jeans D. be a sailor

4. Rivets _____.

A. make good sails B. make tents strong
C. come from Genoa D. make the pockets of jeans strong

5. Cloth is made from thousands of _____.

A. tents B. sails C. factories D. threads (cotton)

IV. Choose the best answer A, B, C, or D for the sentences above.

1. The fire has destroyed the house.

A. The house have been destroyed by the fire. B. The house were destroying.
C. The house were destroyed. D. The house has been destroyed by the fire.

2. They usually wore shorts when they were young.

A. They were wearing shorts when they were young. B. They use to wear shorts when they were young.
C. They used to wear shorts when they were young. D. They used to wearing shorts when they were young.

3. What a pity! She can’t come with us.

A. I wish she could come with us. B. I wish she can come with us.
C. I wish she come with us. D. I wish she will come with us.

4. I last saw Bob a year ago.

A. I haven’t seen him since a year ago. B. I haven’t seen him for 1 year.
C. I saw him the last time for 1 year D. He and I met 1 year ago.

5. Someone stole my money at the recess.

A. My money disappeared at the recess. B. Someone took my money at the recess.
C. My money is stolen at the recess. D. My money was stolen at the recess.

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