I. Chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất.

1. _____ is that? – It’s Andy.

A. What B. Who C. Where D. How

2. How _____ you spell your name?

A. is B. do C. are D. does

3. Forty + eleven = __________.

A. fifty-two B. seventy-one C. fifty-one D. sixty-one

4. What are these? – They are _____.

A. bookselfs B. a bookshelf C. bookshelfes D. bookshelves

5. Tìm từ khác loại:

A. brother B. engineer C. teacher D. doctor

6. Tìm từ có cách phát âm khác:

A. this B. that C. thanks  D. they

7. Your brother _____ my teacher.

A. am B. is C. are D. aren’t

8. Trang does _____ homework in the evening.

A. my B. your C. his D. her

9. Tam’s family lives _____ a small city.

A. at B. on C. in D. of

10. Tea, coffee and juice are _____.

A. drinks B. fruits C. foods D. vegetables

II. Nối từ ở hai cột để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh.


1. Do you like this book?

2. I’m from Korea. What about you?

3. Is he an architect or an engineer?

4. How old is your sister?

5. Does your brother play football on Sundays?


A. He’s an architect.

B. Eighteen.

C. Yes, he does.

D. Yes, I do.

E. Brazil.

III. Sắp xếp trật tự từ trong các câu sau để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh.

1. House/ a/ Nam/ park/ a/ lives/ in/ near/ .


2. School/ mother/ in/ the /my /works/ .


3. The/ garden/ are/ trees/ many/ there / in/ ?


4. A/ turtle/ there/ on/ beach/ is/ the/ .


5. There/ family/ many/ in/ are/ How/ your/ people/ ?


IV. Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch chân.

1. There are three rooms in my family.


2. Those are apples and oranges.


3. The teacher is Mrs. Thu.


4. My birthday is on December 25th.


5. My uncle is an engineer.


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