I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

Number 1.

A. subsidy B. success C. tsunami D. drug

Number 2.

A. federate B. protection C. epidemic D. sector

Number 3.

A. mount B. wounded C. found D. without

Number 4.

A. appeal B. treatment C. peace D. bearing

Number 5.

A. dedicated B. reached C. adopted D. hated

II. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

Number 1.

A. private B. soldier C. overtime D. disaster

Number 2.

A. excellent B. penalize C. arrested D. livelihood

Number 3.

A. hesitate B. civilian C. famine D. delegates

Number 4.

A. advocate B. appalling C. temporary D. poverty

Number 5.

A. equal B. period C. legal D. belief

III. Choose the best answer.

1. The player __________.

A. will reward for his hat-trick B. will be rewarded for his hat-trick
C. will reward his hat-trick D. will be rewarded his hat-trick

2. His life was devoted _____ the relief of suffering.

A. for B. in C. on D. to

3. Lisa is really pretty. Does she take after her mom?

A. care for B. love C. resemble D. recognize

4. It gets _____ when the summer is coming.

A. hot and hot B. the hottest and hottest
C. hotter and hotter D. more and more hot

5. I _____ think that scuba diving is more of danger than adventure.

A. person B. personal C. personally D. personalize

6. If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, two _____ periods of three minutes each are played.

A. half B. halftime C. quarter D. overtime

7. People should eat _____ and do _____ to reduce the risk of heart disease.

A. less fat/ more exercise B. less and less fat/ the more exercise
C. the less fat/ the more exercise D. fatter/ more exercise

8. Some of the students began to fall asleep _____ the lecture was boring and irrelevant.

A. as B. due to C. because of D. on account of

9. Water polo balls _____ with a special texture so it will not slip from the hands of a player.

A. cover B. are covered
C. are being covered D. covered

10. Minor _____ occur when a player impedes or otherwise prevents the free movement of an opponent including swimming on the opponent’s shoulders, back or legs.

A. penalties B. fouls C. shots D. motions

IV. Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.

1. The fire began in (A) the fifth (B) floor of (C) the hotel, but it soon spread (D) to adjacent floors.


2. Violations (A) of the child’s right (B) to protection take place in (C) every country and be (D) massive.


3. She wouldn’t let (A) in me (B) on the secret, however (C) hard I tried to persuade (D) her.


4. The next (A) host for the SEA Games is Laos. It is (B) Laos’ the first (C) time as the host (D) for the biannual- games.


5. From that (A) time on, more and more (B) of the land was turned over (C) to sugarcane product (D).


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