I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. average B. separate C. regular D. athletics

Number 2.

A. solitude B. volunteer C. engineer D. Japanese

Number 3.

A. strange B. ache C. acid D. sound

Number 4.

A. leisure B. pursuit C. popular D. television

Number 5.

A. engrave B. spectator C. ability D. undertake

II. Choose the best answer.

1. It was Tuan _____ hit me yesterday.

A. whom B. whose C. who D. both A and B

2. Eating out is the national _____ in France.

A. pastime B. interest C. hobby D. game

3. Both my mom and my dad _____ the same ages.

A. not only B. was C. been D. is

4. He didn’t make dinner and he didn’t have dinner _____.

A. but also B. either C. neither D. not only

5. Our music teacher either _____ the piano or _____ very well.

A. plays/ sing B. play/ sing C. plays/ sings D. play/ sings

6. _____ applicants should send their completed forms to the personnel office.

A. Quality B. Qualitative C. Qualifications D. Qualified

7. Not only the post office but also all banks _____ on national holidays.

A. closes B. close C. will close D. is closed

8. Bill Gate, _____ is the president of Microsoft Company, is a billionaire.

A. that B. whose C. whom D. who

9. Not _____ she speaks Vietnamese fluently, but she also knows about Vietnamese culture clearly.

A. even B. only C. at all D. always

10. The Vietnamese participants always take part _____ sports events with great enthusiasm.

A. at B. on C. to D. in

III. Choose the part that is incorrect.

1. In (A) Russia, we used (B) to living (C) in a cold (D) climate.


2. The song (A) to that (B) we listened last night (C) was (D) great.


3. If he is (A) richer (B), he would (C) buy a huge yacht (D).


4. Neither (A) I nor (B) my friends has seen (C) this film (D).


5. My shoes were too (A) old that I had to (B) go out and buy (C) new one (D).


IV. Read the following passage and choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct word(s) for each of the blanks.

   Up to now, Thailand (1) _____ the host country of the Asian Games four times. In 1966, Thailand held the Games for the first time. It was the 5th Games with 18 countries (2) _____. In 1970, South Korea dropped its plan to host the games (3) _____ security threats from North Korea, and the (4) _____ host Thailand administered the Games in Bangkok using the funds of South Korea. In 1978, Pakistan dropped its plan to host the Games due to conflicts with Bangladesh and Indian. Thailand (5) _____ to help and the Games were held in Bangkok. The 13th Asian Games was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 6 to 20 December 1998.

Number 1.

A. is B. will be C. was D. has been

Number 2.

A. competed B. competing C. to compete D. compete

Number 3.

A. as B. due to C. because D. despite

Number 4.

A. previous B. advanced C. old D. before

Number 5.

A. suggested B. advised C. offered D. made

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