I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. award B. carol C. title D. council

Number 2.

A. describe B. valley C. import D. society

Number 3.

A. comfort B. metal C. refill D. moment

Number 4.

A. deposit B. typhoon C. continue D. education

Number 5.

A. struggle B. opinion C. abroad D. unite

II. Choose the best answer.

1. He had a bad fall while he _____ the tree.

A. was climbing B. climbed C. climbs D. will climb

2. We used to go and fetch milk _____ the farm.

A. from B. at C. to D. in

3. The journey from the town to the city _____ about an hour.

A. spends B. takes C. want D. passes

4. _____ is a stream or river that falls from a height.

A. Lake B. Waterfall C. Bay D. Island

5. Loan asked me where _____ this dictionary.

A. buy B. buying C. bought D. to buy

6. The professor told us _____ talk.

A. not to B. not C. don’t D. didn’t

7. He doesn’t understand these words. He is _____.

A. confuse B. confusing C. to confuse D. confused

8. He asked me if I _____ the answers.

A. know B. knows C. knew D. am knowing

9. These toys are made _____ America.

A. from B. in C. of D. by

10. For transport, there are flights _____ to Ho Chi Minh city, except Sunday.

A. weekly B. monthly C. daily D. hourly

III. Reorder the words to make meaningful sentences.

1. Wasn’t/ the/ expected/ as/ match/ great/ had/ as/ I/ .


2. Mistakes/ teacher/ angry/ his/ because of/ his/ was/ .


3. Bike/ would/ used/ mind/ I/ you/ if/ your/ ?


4. You/ Hao/ asked/ for/ what/ you/ liked/ your/ birthday/ .


5. And/ Quyen/ jogging/ left/ house/ started/ the/ along/ street/ her/ .


IV. Read the following passage and choose the best answers each of the questions.

A friendly letter from Hoi An

    Dear Anna!

    We are having a wonderful time in Hoi An. The streets here are so ___ (1) ___ that cars are not allowed to enter the center of the ___ (2) ___, Therefore we have to ___ (3) ___. The houses are very ___ (4) ___ but beautiful. However, I don’t like the way they ___ (5) ___ business. It seems that every house has ___ (6) ___ to sell souvenirs and other stuff. The people are very ___ (7) ___ and helpful. The food looks funny but it ___ (8) ___ quite nice. I haven’t ___ (9) ___ anything yet. But I will buy you some little ___ (10) ___ lanterns.

   See you soon!

Number 1.

A. narrow B. long C. big D. large

Number 2.

A. village B. town C. city D. capital

Number 3.

A. run B. travel C. walk D. move

Number 4.

A. modern B. new C. big D. old

Number 5.

A. do B. make C. try D. get

Number 6.

A. a shop B. a store C. a mall D. Both A and B

Number 7.

A. friend B. friendly C. friendlily D. friendship

Number 8.

A. smells B. tries C. tastes D. seems

Number 9.

A. seen B. changed C. sold D. bought

Number 10.

A. colorful B. colorless C. colorfully D. color

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