I. Choose the word which stressed differently from the others.

Number 1.

A. action B. horror C. author D. cartoon

Number 2.

A. historic B. victory C. popular D. audience

Number 3.

A. lyrical B. national C. violent D. disaster

Number 4.

A. develop B. introduce C. discover D. prepare

Number 5.

A. erosion B. imprison C. submarine D. composer

II. Choose the best answer.

1. We went to _____ last night.

A. a awful film B. an awful film C. the awful film D. awful film

2. Linh is _____ because she lost her job.

A. bored B. bore C. boring D. boredom

3. Why are you so sad?

 – I think my exam results _____ bad.

A. would be B. be C. will be D. are

4. Well, we must be in hurry. Our class _____ at 6:30.

 – OK. Let’s go.

A. started B. starts C. will start D. is starting

5. Did the teacher explain how _____ this problem?

A. do we solve B. can we solve C. solve D. to solve 

6. There’s a _____ movie on at the local cinema.

A. wonder B. wonderful C. wondering D. wonderfully

7. The film was so _____ that I couldn’t sleep last night.

A. thrill B. thrilling C. thrilled D. thriller

8. Excuse me. I’d like to rent _____ new game.

  – Here you are. Please take it to _____ cashier over there.

A. a/ the B. the/ the C. θ/ the D. a/ a

9. We _____ on a ship to celebrate our success.

A. are going to go B. will go C. are going D. go

10. The film was heavily edited for screening _____ television.

A. in B. to C. of D. on

III. Choose the appropriate sentences to complete the conversation.

A: (1) _______________________________
B: Yes, of course  I do

A: (2) _______________________________
B: Well , whenever I have free time. 

A: (3) _______________________________
B: I like pop music, and sometimes I listen to some jazz.

A: (4) _______________________________
B: Because it’s serene and relaxing. It made me rejuvenated.

A: (5) _______________________________
B: The Beatles and Backstreet Boys. 

A: (6) _______________________________
B: Well , My  favorite Vietnamese musician is Trinh Cong Son. His songs are sweet, gentle, and very lyrical.
A: Oh, yes. I like him, too.

Number 1.

A. How do you like music? B. Can you tell me if you like music?
C. You really like music, do you? D. Do you like listening to music?

Number 2.

A. When are you listening to music? B. How often do you listen to music?
C. How long do you like it? D. Where you listen to music?

Number 3.

A. Do you like jazz? B. What music do you like?
C. What kinds of music do you like? D. What about pop music?

Number 4.

A. Why do you like pop music? B. What do you listen to music for?
C. How do you like pop music? D. What makes you like pop music?

Number 5.

A. Do you like boy bands? B. Which group do you prefer?
C. What is your best band? D. What’s your favorite band?

Number 6.

A. Please tell me about the Vietnam musician you like best.
B. Which of the Vietnamese musicians do you like?
C. Do you know a lot of Vietnamese musicians?
D. Can you tell me how you feel about the Vietnamese musicians?

IV. Choose the best option to make the correct sentence from the suggested word.

1. Fob Dylan/ musician/ who/ composer/ born/ American/ 1941/ Minnesota/ .

A. Bob Dylan who is a composer and an American musician, was born in 1941 in Minnesota.
B. Bob Dylan is an American composer and musician who was born in Minnesota.
C. Bob Dylan, an American composer and musician, who was born in Minnesota in 1941.
D. Bob Dylan, who is an American composer and musician, was born in 1941 in Minnesota.

2. Widely/ traveled/ United States/ the poor/ singing/ .

A. He traveled widely throughout the United States singing about the poor.
B. He widely traveled around the United States to sing about the poor.
C. He traveled the United States widely singing about the poor.
D. He traveled widely all over the United States with the poor’s singing.

3. Songs/ greatly/ protest/ political/ social/ influenced/ young people/ .

A. His songs of greatly social and political protest influenced young people in 1960s.
B. His songs of political and social protest greatly influenced young in the 1960s.
C. He greatly influenced young people in the 1960s with his songs about the political and social protest.
D. He wrote songs of political and social protest greatly influenced young people in the 1960s.

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