I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. city B. ocean C. musician D. special

Number 2.

A. serious B. rousing C. compose D. music

Number 3.

A. boards B. speakers C. screens D. pants

Number 4.

A. audience B. laugh C. August D. taught

Number 5.

A. world B. when C. wolf D. who

II. Choose the best answer.

1. I bought this course _____ French.

A. for studying B. studying C. studied D. to study

2. He is working overnight _____ delay that project.

A. so that not to B. not to
C. so as not to D. for not

3. Many adults still depend on their parents’ finance.

A. believe B. rely C. hike D. recognize

4. Van Cao is one of the most well-known _____ in Viet Nam.

A. actors B. authors C. musicians D. singers

5. The cinema changed completely _____ the end of the 1920s.

A. at B. on C. in D. from

6. Maria is going to stop _____ dinner, so she may be late.

A. eating B. for eating C. to eat D. eat

7. The film is _____ two men who died in the kitchen.

A. on B. about C. of D. over

8. The film _____ after weeks of protest by religious groups.

A. was finally released B. finally released
C. finally have released D. was released finally

9. I can’t believe that Tam is marrying your younger sister. His marriage makes me _____.

A. surprised B. surprisingly C. surprising D. surprise

10. This director _____ three films so far. His recent film _____ Oscar for Best Director.

A. made/ won B. has made/ has won
C. made/ has won D. has made/ won

III. Choose the best sentence for each of the situations.

1. Warn your passenger about the car crashing.

A. We will be crashed! B. We’re going to crash!
C. The car is crashing! D. The car will crash!

2. Predict a world war in three years’ time.

A. There is a world war in three years’ time. B. There must be a world war in three years’ time.
C. There is a world war in three years’ time D. There’ll have been a world war in three years’ time.

3. Express your instant decision to catch a bus.

A. I’m catching a bus. B. I’m going to catch a bus
C. I’ll catch a bus. D. I’ll be catching a bus.

4. Express your intention to look round the town.

A. I’ll look round the town. B. I’m going to look round the town.
C. I’ll be looking round the town. D. I might look round the town

5. Offer your visitor a cup of coffee.

A. Why don’t you have a cup of coffee? B. Could you have a cup of coffee?
C. Do you mind having a cup of coffee? D. Will you have a cup of coffee?

IV. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. I often turn on the heating for saving money.

A. often B. on C. the heating D. for saving

2. Even though his great fame, he was friendly and approachable.

A. Even though B. great fame C. friendly D. approachable

3. In order to not miss the meeting, I took the taxi.

A. In order B. to not C. took D. the taxi

4. To build their nests, tailor birds use theirs bills as needles.

A. build B. nests C. theirs D. as

5. The music lovers often follow the collection of music that they enjoyed.

A. lovers B. follow C. the collection D. enjoyed

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