I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. changed B. decided C. improved  D. combed

Number 2.

A. patient  B. poster C. present  D. tool

Number 3.

A. cavity B. type C. surgery D. tidy

Number 4.

A. touch B. catch C. change D. stomach

Number 5.

A. cry B. fly C. ugly D. why

II. Choose the best answer.

1. Tung traveled to Thailand by plane. He _____ by VietJet.

A. flied B. flown C. fly D. flew

2. It’s so happy _____ you.

A. to seeing B. to see C. see D. saw

3. Will you let me _____ a photo?

A. make B. take C. do D. pull

4. _____ people go to the movies now than ten years ago.

A. Few B. Less C. Fewer D. Little

5. He went to the stadium _____.

A. last week B. now C. every day D. next week

6. Did you _____ something for me? – Yes, I did.

A. buy  B. buying C. bought D. buyed

7. She had a _____ because she ate too much sweet.

A. headache B. bad cold C. toothache D. sore eye

8. When we _____ free, we often played with each other.

A. are B. was C. will be D. were

9. Ms. Nhi _____ me English every Monday morning but she _____ teach me yesterday.

A. teaches/ does B. teaches/ didn’t C. teach/ doesn’t D. taught/ don’t

10. _____ you a doctor a year ago? – No, I _____.

A. is/ isn’t  B. are/ aren’t C. were/ wasn’t D. was/ weren’t

III. Use the given word to make complete sentences.

1. Thu/ sell/ her phone/ yesterday/ .


2. My dad/ call/ me/ last night/ .


3. Last month/ I/ learn/ play the guitar/ .


4. Mrs. Tram/ wear/ a red dress/ now/ .


5. You/ should/ do exercise/ morning/ .


IV. Supply the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. I like (drink) _____ juice, and I hate (drink) _____ beer.

2. My mom often (make) _____ breakfast for our family.

3. We (buy) _____ a new motorbike tomorrow.

4. My brother (take) _____ me to the cinema last night.

5. Andy would like (invite) _____ us to his party.

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