I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

Number 1.

A. comprises B. couches C. misses D. tomatoes

Number 2.

A. derive B. conical C. wildlife D. primary

Number 3.

A. species B. benefit C. essential D. generation

Number 4.

A. industry B. result C. current D. vulnerable

Number 5.

A. extinction B. extension C. exploitation D. expression

II. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

Number 1.

A. habitat B. extend C. numerous D. corridor

Number 2.

A. difficult B. important C. survival D. endanger

Number 3.

A. habitat B. sociable C. priority D. wildlife

Number 4.

A. reserve B. derive C. conserve D. fertile

Number 5.

A. mosquito B. gorilla C. giraffe D. elephant

III. Choose the best answer.

1. _____ water covers about 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.

A. A B. An C. The D. Ø

2. Deserts take _____ one-third of the Earth’s land surface.

A. on B. up C. over D. after

3. She is unreliable. What she says _____ be believed.

A. may not B. must not C. might not D. cannot

4. Andrew has a piano _____ he plays it so badly.

A. and B. so C. but D. therefore

5. The hill was so _______ that it took us more than five hours to climb up.

A. sloping B. enormous C. arid D. stable

6. The legs of this table are broken. It _____ during the move.

A. should have been damaged B. needn’t be damaged
C. must have been damaged D. ought not to be damaged

7. They’ve got our information already. We _____ introduce ourselves to them.

A. needn’t B. must C. mustn’t D. need

8. Plants and animals are responsible _____ a variety of useful medications.

A. for B. to C. at D. on

9. A _____ is a special animal that can live in deserts and carry things for people.

A. deer B. camel C. parrot D. ox

10. Being listed as an endangered species can have a negative effect since it could make a species more desirable for collectors and poachers.

A. awareness B. preservation C. support D. impact

IV. Supply the correct form of the verbs.

1. He (not finish) _____ the report yet.

2. Don’t worry! Your parents (call) _____ you soon.

3. At nine o’clock last night, I (practice) _____ drawing.

4. The summer vacation (last) _____ 3 months, right?

5. As I (walk) _____ down the street, I (see) _____ an accident.

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