I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Number 1.

A. study B. truth C. interrupt D. husband

Number 2.

A. traveled B. stared C. landed D. seemed

Number 3.

A. chat B. panic C. password D. target

Number 4.

A. bread B. dead C. seat D. tear

Number 5.

A. mess B. behind C. review D. repair

II. Choose the best answer for each sentence.

1. They’ve given up _____ them.

A. trying teaching B. trying to teach
C. to try teaching D. try to teach

2. I _____ to Vung Tau three times.

A. was B. had been C. is D. have been

3. Would you mind _____ off the air-conditioner now?

A. turn B. turning C. to turn D. turned

4. _____ went to the concert with you last week?

A. What B. Why C. When D. Who

5. Tom enjoys _____ part in English club whenever he’s free.

A. take B. taking C. to take D. takes

6. You shouldn’t spend all your time _____ games.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. to playing

7. Do you usually go out _____ Sunday evenings?

A. on B. in C. at D. for

8. As soon as the light turned red, she _____ the car.

A. stopped B. has stopped C. was stopping D. stops

9. They plough and _____ their plot of land in the paddy fields.

A. visit B. harrow C. prepare D. product

10. Tom was very angry this morning because I _____ his favorite watch.

A. breaks B. was breaking C. had broken D. has broken

III. Fill in each blank with one suitable word.

1. How _____ is this phone?

2. Amy is a _____ in Music and Art.

3. Did you _____ up late last night?

4. My dad often watches TV _____ the evening.

5. It _____ me an hour to get to her house yesterday.

IV. Put the verbs into the correct form.

1. After Linh _____ (complete) her homework, she went to bed.

2. How many languages _____ (she / speak)?

3. Ben _____ (be) absent from school yesterday.

4. Wait a minute! My mom _____ (make) breakfast in the kitchen.

5. My hometown _____ (change) a lot since you first came to visit it.

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