I. Choose the part that needs correcting.

1. My teacher told me ifwent home by bus.

A. told me B. if C. went D. by

2. One of people which I love the most is my mom.

A. One of B. which C. the most D. is

3. We sit next to a person whose car are very expensive.

A. sit B. next to C. whose D. are

4. Students who living in this dormitory are friendly to everyone.

A. who living B. this dormitory C. are D. everyone

5. I don’t like to spend time with people which are impatient.

A. spend time  B. with C. which D. impatient

6. We had better hurry, or the train might leaves without us.

A. had better B. hurry C. might D. leaves

7. I asked her if she believes in the existence of UFOs.

A. asked B. if C. believes D. in

8. That was the more disastrous earthquake in Japanese history, wasn’t it?

A. was B. the more C. in D. wasn’t it

9. The computer are said that one of the most wonderful inventions in modern life.

A. are said B. the most C. inventions D. in modern life

10. Phong still remembers the man who he taught him to play the guitar when he was young.

A. remembers B. who C. he taught D. to play

II. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

1. Air and water are _____ in our life. (Necessity)

2. _____, the typhoon didn’t cause any damage on the village. (Luck)

3. Today _____ can predict disasters by modern devices. (Science)

4. You can buy a lot of _____ from this shop. (Decorate)

5. If we want to live longer, we should protect _____ rainforests. (Tropic)

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