I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense “the Simple Present or the Simple Future”.

1. I (be) _____ ready in ten minutes.

2. My teacher always (walk) _____ to school.

3. What time (she/ be) _____ here tomorrow?

4. Many people (join) _____ the concert tomorrow night.

5. (You/ help) _____ me when you have free time?

6. I (go) _____ out when the rain (stop) _____.

7. He promises he (buy) _____ me a present.

8. When the light (turn) _____ red, people (cross) _____ the street.

9. They (phone) _____ you as soon as they (arrive) _____ in Hue.

10. You (be) _____ late if you (keep) _____ on playing games.

II. Combine each pair of sentences, using the cues given in the bracket.

1. You must wear warm clothes. You won’t get cold. (So as not to)


2. She is learning English. She wants to get a good mark. (In order to)


3. Tan gives up smoking. He wants to have more money. (In order to)


4. I’ll write to Trang. I want to invite her to my new house. (So as to)


5. He quickly ran to the bus station. He didn’t want to miss the bus. (In order not to)


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