I. Choose the best answer.

1. Is she _____ on foot or by bus?

A. going B. went C. having gone D. to go

2. There _____ two big hotels in this street 5 years ago.

A. are B. have been C. were D. had been

3. Today, many serious diseases _____ by vaccine.

A. are preventing B. can prevent
C. prevent D. can be prevented

4. Would you mind _____ down the volume?

A. turn B. turned C. to turn D. turning

5. If I _____ more money, I _____ some charities.

A. have/ would build B. had/ would build
C. have/ will build D. had/ built

6. He came in tired and hungry and badly _____ need of a bath.

A. for B. to C. on D. in

7. _____ you, I would accept that position.

A. If I am B. Should I be C. If I were D. If I had been

8. You _____ anyone. You know it’s a secret.

A. should tell B. shouldn’t tell C. couldn’t tell D. might tell

9. Did you know him here at the university?

 – No, we _____ when we were in high school.

A. have already known  B. had already known
C. had already been known D. had already know

10. Unless the biodiversity was maintained, marine life would be _____ stake.

A. at B. on C. in D. under

II. Rewrite the sentences using the given word, beginning as shown.

1. “What are you doing here, Phuong?” asked Trung.

– Trung asked Phuong ______________.

2. Let’s have dinner outside tonight.

– Why don’t _______________________.

3. The manager always welcomes new employees.

– New employees __________________.

4. How much water do you drink every day.

– How many _______________________.

5. Nam couldn’t get his parents’ permission to travel with his friends.

– Nam’s parents didn’t let ___________.

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