I. Fill in the blanks with the right form of comparative and superlative adjectives.

1. Rick is _____ (smart) in my class.

2. This is _____ (tall) building in Viet Nam.

3. We live in _____ (beautiful) country in the world.

4. Knowledge is _____ (important) than money.

5. That player is _____ (good) than his competitor.

6. This kind of laptop is _____ (expensive) than the others.

7. The first round is _____ (boring) than the second round.

8. I’ve got a new phone. It’s much _____ (nice) than my old one.

II. Put the verbs into the most suitable form, present continuous or present simple.

1. The last train _____ (leave) at 5.30.

2. We _____ (hold) a party next Sunday. Would you like to come?

3. Khanh, is it true that you _____ (fly) to Thailand next week?

4. The exhibition _____ (open) on 7th June and _____ (close) on 7th July.

5. They _____ (not/go) out for their holiday next month because they are broke.

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