I. Choose the correct answer to fill in each blank.

1. Excuse me! Is there a bank _____ here?

A. near B. on C. at D. in

2. _____ the first street on the right. The library is on your left.

A. Run B. Take C. Go D. Do

3. We need _____ carrots and cucumbers.

A. a lot B. many C. any D. some

4. She phones her parents _____ a week.

A. two time B. second times C. twice D. two

5. _____ are those books?

A. How much B. How many C. How  D. What

II. Make questions for the underlined words.

1. The flower shop is next to the bookstore.


2. It’s three kilometers from my house to the hospital.


3. It takes Ms. Nga fifteen minutes to drive to work.


4. This speaker is 300.000 VND.


5. She practices singing once a week.


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