I. Choose the word that best answers.

1. What are your plans for _____ next year?

A. a B. an C. Ø D. the

2. Parents’ arguments contribute significantly _____ children’s learning.

A. on B. to C. for D. in

3. The recent economic crisis has brought _____ a slump in world trade.

A. about B. in C. over D. out

4. _____ the wet weather, all the students joined the school event.

A. Although B. Owing to C. In spite of D. But for

5. Nobody knows what the future is going to be. Things may happen _____.

A. expected B. unexpected C. expectedly D. unexpectedly

6. The baby was told to eat all his food _______ he wouldn’t get the robot.

A. in case B. or else C. instead D. in fact

7. _____ I forgot my money for the bus at home, I had to walk all the way home.

A. As B. Although C. While D. When

8. Within _____ few years, _____ private space travel has gone from concept to reality.

A. Ø/ an B. the/ the C. the/ a D. a/ Ø

II. Fill in each blank with the correct preposition.

1. The train will leave _____ a few minutes.

2. Fruit trees generally bloom _____ April or May

3. Our house is _____ the woods, the river and the village.

4. Lisa’s birthday is _____ the end of July, _____ July 29.

5. I worked for that company _____ four years, _____ 2002 _____ 2006.

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