I. Choose the correct word to fill in each blank.

1. I hope the _____ can repair our car quickly.

A. mechanic B. reporter C. nurse D. journalist

2. We have _____ of nice sinks in the showroom.

A. lots B. a few C. few D. much

3. How _____ is this motorbike? – It’s about 19,000,000 VND!

A. many B. much C. a few D. a little

4. _____ translates things.

A. An actor B. A baker C. A shopkeeper D. An interpreter

5. People celebrate _____ on January 1st.

A. Easter B. Thanksgiving C. New Year D. Christmas

II. Rewrite the sentence so that it has the same meaning as the given one using the word given.

1. I have three pens. She has five pens.

– I have ___________________________.

2. She has 20000 VND. He has 50000 VND.

– He has __________________________.

3. I have a lot of free time. He doesn’t have free time.

– I have ___________________________.

4. We don’t have many friends. They have many friends.

– We have _________________________.

5. You don’t water. We have much water.

– You have ________________________.

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