I. Choose the word that best completes each sentence.

1. Are you aware _____ the risks of smoking?

A. on B. in C. for D. of

2. She is deeply pessimistic _____ the future.

A. in B. on C. to D. about

3. _____ the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more.

A. Despite B. Meanwhile C. Nevertheless D. Although

4. _____ they were working hard yesterday, we were enjoying the fresh air on the beach.

A. Despite B. As soon as C. While D. Whenever

5. She refused to give up her work _____ her family is very wealthy.

A. despite B. however C. even though D. as though

6. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

A. method B. therefore C. threaten D. something

7. Using the camera, _____ parents will be able to control their children’s activities at _____ home.

A. Ø – Ø B. the – Ø C. Ø – the D. the – the

8. Since 2001, Vietnamese authorities have reaffirmed their _____ to economic liberalization.

A. commitment B. comment C. command D. compliment

II. Rewrite the sentences using the given expression.

1. Although they played well, the team lost.

=> In spite of ______________________.

2. In spite of my dislike for coffee, I drank it to make me awake.

=> Although _______________________.

3. John will catch a bus even though he dislikes going by bus.

=> In spite of ______________________.

4. Although we live in the same street, we hardly ever see each other.

=> Despite ________________________.

5. Despite the fact that the play received good notices, not many people went to see it.

=> Although _______________________.

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