I. Choose the best answer.

1. My clothes are old. I need some new _____.

A. anyone B. someone C. one D. ones

2. My boss _____ me to turn to work immediately.

A. ordered B. suggested C. demanded D. insisted

3. Thank you _____ helping me with this task.

A. about B. in C. for D. of

4. Lan congratulated me on _____ the final exams.

A. to pass B. having passed
C. to have passed D. passing

5. He denied _____ my money yesterday.

A. steal B. stealing C. to steal D. stolen

6. If the weather _____ nice, they might have won the match.

A. be B. would be C. had been D. should be

7. I’ve just bought a few comic books. You can borrow _____ if you like.

A. anyone B. someone C. everyone D. one

8. He said that if he _____ me, he _____ working for this company.

A. is/ will stop B. were/ would stop
C. had been/ would have stopped D. was/ will have stopped

II. Make conditional sentences (begin with If) according to the facts provided.

1. I failed the final exam because I didn’t study hard.

=> ________________________________

2. She did not come because it rained strongly.

=> ________________________________

3. Today is not Saturday. We have to go to bed early.

=> ________________________________

4. My younger brother is not tall enough. He can’t play basketball.

=> ________________________________

5. I didn’t know how to do this homework because I was absent from school.

=> ________________________________

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