I. Choose the best answer.

1. Is technology making our _____ easier?

A. life B. life’s C. living D. lives

2. She got married in 2017 and _____ since then.

A. hasn’t seen B. didn’t see
C. hasn’t been seen D. wasn’t seen

3. You _____ speak quietly. Someone can hear us.

A. should B. may to C. can D. need to

4. This is the fourth time you ______ me the same question.

A. ask B. asked C. are asking D. have asked

5. A: Is the paper published every day?

 – B: No, it _____ out once a week.

A. turns B. goes C. produces D. comes

6. No one can persuade him _____ his style.

A. to change B. changing C. change D. changed

7. If she _____ time tonight, I _____ her for a meal.

A. will have/ invite B. has/ will invite
C. have had/ will invite D. has/ have invited

8. A _____ is a film with factual information, often about a problem in society.

A. series B. soap opera C. documentary D. drama

II. Complete the sentences with “in spite of/ because/ because of”.

1. _____ the storm warnings, we didn’t go out last night.

2. I haven’t received the goods _____ the bill had been paid.

3. Elsa can’t swim right now _____ her broken arm.

4. The villagers refused to leave _____ the drought. 

5. _____ the last bus leaves start at 7 pm, I can’t stay with you longer.

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